Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Cheaper Way To Get Manicures!

Today was kind of blahh outside, with no sun or heat to be found. What would have been a beach day turned into a nails day as a result! I LOVE getting my nails done, but I really don't do it enough or as often as I should. It's kind of expensive, and I feel awkward going alone, so I rarely, if ever, get manis and pedis. BUT today I found solutions to both the issues that keep me from having my nails done!

So...what is this "cheaper way to get manicures?" Well, let me tell you, it exists! A normal manicure at the place I go costs $15, and a pedi is $28. And then you have to tip! But today we made a grand discovery! I'm not sure if all nail places do this but, at the nail salon in my town, you can ask for a COLOR CHANGE and it costs only $7!!!

THERE IT IS!! A mystery of life has been solved. The cheaper way to get a mani or a pedi is to have a color change done instead! They still clip, file, and buff your nails, and then they paint them too! AND I had a nail art done for an extra three dollars. I actually got a pedi since I can't have my nails painted while I'm in the Wizard of Oz. But with the color change and the nail art (a design on my big toe) my grand total was $10. With a $3 tip, my pedicure was a good $15 less than it would have been! And that's awesome!

So now you know the secret to getting a cheaper manicure or pedicure! Get a color change. With the money I saved today, I bought myself a mocha coolata at D n' D's!!

Oh yeahh, and my solution to problem number two was to get my nails done with my three greatest friends. Who could have asked for anything more.


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