Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dr. Phil's first episode: The Anthony's!!

Good evening! First, I want to wish you all a happy September and remind you to say Rabbit Rabbit first thing in the morning to ensure a great month! Second, I want to share my excitement over Dr. Phil's upcoming first episode of the season!

I learned today that Dr. Phil's first episode of the season will feature the Anthony's, parents of Casey Anthony, who had been accused of her daughter's murder. This is the first time Casey's partents, George and Cindy, are speaking out since their daughter Casey was aquitted of murder this July.

I'd been following Casey's trial through the media, and my friends and I definitely had a lot to say after she was aquitted. I'm excited to see the Anthonys on Dr. Phil, because I'm hoping, as I'm sure many others are, that they will reveal new information or details that we as the public don't know from the trial. The preview from the show can be seen here:

The show will be premiering on Monday, and is the first show of the new Dr. Phil season. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Phil's show, and I'm really hoping he'll ask some deep questions of the Anthonys. For one, I want to know what they think happened to their granddaughter, and whether they believe Casey's lies.

I personally think Casey is completely guilty and should have gone to jail for life, but maybe seeing this show will actually change my mind. We'll have to wait until Monday to see, but one thing's for sure: I will be there at 5:00pm on next Monday watching Dr. Phil interview the Anthonys!!


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  1. Me too! There was alot of "weirdness" on all fronts w/that whole ordeal... poor baby - only thing for sure is that she truly is dead, & her Mom had SOMETHING to do w/it... I'll be watching!