Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fighter - a must see!

I know this post is probably a little late, because The Fighter was up for best picture at the Oscar's this past year, but it was such a great movie.

I know why Christian Bale won best supporting actor because his performance was unbelievable - and this is coming from someone who's really picky about acting. He played the crack-addict, former fighter brother, Dickey, of Micky Ward, who is a fighter training to win anything, just to provide for his crazy family.

Amy Adams was also really really good in this, and played a much harsher role than I'd ever seen her in before. She played the bartending girlfriend of Micky, and she was nothing like the princess Gisele she playined in Enchanted. I loved seeing how versatile all of the actors and actresses in this movie are!

The woman who played Mickey's mother Alice, Melissa Leo, also won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. He character was someone you loved to hate, and she was very fun to watch. One of the most entertaining aspects of this movie was the gaggle of sisters, 5 of them, who followed the mother around.

Mark Walberg played the title role, and he was really good too, althought Christian Bale definitely over-shadowed him in this case because he was just so beleiveable as a bum from Lowell, even though he's really British! Add this movie to your netflix queue, you won't regret it!

Comment below and tell me if you've seen any good movies lately!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Desperate Housewives Season Premiere on Sunday!

This weekend is supposed to be rainy and wet, but it won't be a complete washout, because the Desperate Housewives Season 8 premiere is Sunday night! Here I am, on Friday afternoon, thinking about Sunday! I must be crazy, but I really am quite excited to see all my favorite housewives again. This will be the final season of the show, so I'm really interested to see how they plan on wrapping everything up on Wisteria Lane! Comment below and tell me, do you watch Desperate Housewives??

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Closed: Spencer's Farm Natural Goat Milk Soap Review/Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Our winner, chosen via, is Marija! Congrats!
Just some of the soaps carried by Spencer's Farm!
 Call me crazy, but I think smelling different soaps is one of the most fun things to do in a gift shop or store. I love trying all different kinds of flavors, and finding one that matches the real scent perfectly! That’s why I’m so happy about my new favorite soap shop: Spencer’s Farm Goat Milk Soap and Body Products!! I received the Lavender Soap to review for Not One Ordinary Moment. Not only does the soap from Spencer’s Farm smell amazing, but it leaves the scent on your hands for a long period of time without drying them out!

Spencer's Farm
From Spencer’s Farm: "My name is Susan Katchur.  I am the owner of Sydne Spencer is the owner of Spencer's Farm.  We are business partners. Spencer's Farm raises dairy goats on their twenty acre farm in Taft, TN. Alpine and Saanen dairy goats provide the fresh goats milk used in homemade products:  soaps, lotions, creams, scrubs, shampoo, etc...  All of Spencer's Farm products are paraben-free with no damaging sulfates.

"Spencer's Farm has been in business since 1999.  We are professionals in the soap making business.  Our goat milk soaps are sold around the world.  We teach how to make soap across the southeast USA!  Find us at demonstrations, workshops, in-person soap classes and on a soap making DVD:  

Learn more about Spencer's Farm from a downloadable free brochure:

pictures of the sample-size Lavender soap I received!
The first thing I noticed about this soap was the way it looked. The lavender soap is creme-colored with streaks of lavender, and reminded me of those crystal stones with color streaked through them. The size was perfect for a hand soap, (some name-brand soaps are just too big!) and Angie didn’t have trouble holding it at all. The soap itself wasn’t waxy at all, which is something else that can take away from a hand-soap. 
As for the smell, I could sense the lavender even before I took the bar out of the plastic that it arrived it. I encouraged my family to smell the soap through the packaging just because I was so excited about the scent! The lavender scent was beautiful, and definitely something you would want to have your hands smell like. I can’t stand the smell of harsher soaps, like Dove’s hand-soap, so the smell of this hand-soap was very refreshing!

Of course, I wanted to make sure the soap washed my hands as well, and didn’t just make them smell good. I think one of the best ways to judge a soap or body wash is by how many bubbles it creates, and how long the bubbles stay on the soap. The Spencer’s Farm soap passed my bubble test! It creates tons of bubbles while you’re washing your hands, and they stay on even when you set the soap back in the dish!

Lavender Liquid Soap
According to Spencer's Farm, "The lavender natural goat milk soap is handcrafted with the highest quality European lavender oils and a tiny touch of Palmarosa oil, for a super nice scent with relaxing aromatherapy benefits.  The lavender natural goat milk soap is available in bar and liquid form."
One of the goats on Spencer's Farm!
Two of the coolest things about soap from Spencer’s Farm is that 1. It’s all natural and 2. It’s made with milk from the goats on Spencer’s Farm! I love that there aren’t any of the harsh chemicals in this soap that you might find in generic brands, and Angie loved it when I told her this soap came from a real goat! The milk actually comes from female Alpine and Saanen goats.

Spencer's Farm newest Alpine goat, Ezekiel, who is 4 months old.
“Recent studies show that goat milk can actually aid in regenerating collagen under the skin, negating some of the visible signs of aging. Goat milk soap is extremely moisturizing due to the humectant or moisture attracting properties of milk, the beneficial medium chain fatty acids abundant in goat milk, and the combination of skin nourishing oils that compliment the goat milk. In addition, if the soap is made using the “cold process” it does not allow the temperature to rise very far above body temperature, so all the beneficial vitamins in the original ingredients are still contained in the soap.” - Spencer’s Farm
Since I loved this soap so much, I couldn’t wait to check out the other scents offered by Spencer’s Farm! Some of my favorites that I found were Blackberry & Vanilla, Pina Colada, Egyptian Musk, and Rain!

Products sold by Spencer's Farm
Buy It! Please take a moment and check out the Spencer’s Farm website, and if you see something you like be sure to pick it up! Spencer’s Farm, located in Taft, Tennessee, sells a variety of other products, including Bar Shampoo, Lotions, Creams, Spa Scrub, and Lip Balms! Any of these products are wonderful natural products for families, and they would also make great gifts for any occasion! They also carry of DVD that can teach you how to make your own soap! Awesome! 

Win It! One lucky reader of Not One Ordinary Moment will receive a free sample-sized bar of lavender soap, courtesy of Spencer’s Farm! The mandatory entry for this giveaway is to visit the Spencer’s Farm Wesbsite here and comment back with a flavor of soap you’d like to try! Please leave a separate comment for each entry. This contest will end October 4th at noon. US entries only. Good Luck!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

CampfireChic Etsy Store Discount!

CampfireChic on Etsy has been very generous is providing all Not One Ordinary Moment readers with a special discount! This is a great Etsy store that sells camp-themed supplies and crafts. Until October 1st, NOOM readers can visit this wonderful etsy shop and receive a 10% discount!

1. Follow me publicly via GFC (located on the right sidebar)
2. Visit CampfireChic and use code CAMP10

The store has some beautiful notebooks and other items that would make great gifts! Happy shopping!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Closed: Susie Tallman and Friends Review/Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to Alissa (#23) Jennifer (#54) and Jennette (#58)! The winners have been contacted and should receive their prizes within 2 weeks!

As someone who loves music and has played multiple instruments, I think it’s so important to expose kids to music at a young age! And what better music is there to expose your kids to than music geared directly towards them?! That’s exactly what Susie Tallman and Friends at Rock Me Baby Records have done! We received three of their wonderful CD’s to try out: Children’s Songs, Classic Nursery Rhymes, and Let’s Go! Travel, Camp and Car Songs, and we just can’t say enough good things about them!

    From Susie Tallman and Rock Me Baby Records: Rock Me Baby Records was founded in 1999 by Susie Tallman in order to unite her love for music with her love for the spirit of childhood.
"If parents can enjoy lullabies with their children they will share a very special time together," said Tallman. "Children are educated by the music they are brought up with, and these lullabies will teach them about the bond they share with their parents, and about the warmth of the world their parents will share with them."

Rock Me Baby Records carves out a new path in the market of music for small children," says Tallman. "The albums provide parents with a contemporary way to introduce the beauty and tradition of nursery rhymes and lullabies." All the CDs contain original and interesting arrangements of traditional songs. The lullabies are soothing and calming and the nursery rhymes are fun, exciting and unique, with multiple voices and instruments.

    I was excited to listen to Classic Nursery Rhymes with Angie because I thought we’d know many of the songs and be able to sing along! This CD is recommended by Parenting and BabyTalk Magazines! Not only was this true, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear that these nursery rhymes go above and beyond the ones we grew up with! Tallman includes lots of different voices (and accents!) as well as many fun instruments to listen to in her music. Angie loved dancing along to My Little Teapot, and then hearing some new verses that she didn’t know yet! The tempo of the songs and great to dance and sing along to, and kids will love imitating some new accents, including British and Australian!

    The Let’s Go! CD was so much fun to listen to in the car as we ran errands. This CD has been chosen as iParenting Media's HOT award winner! I only recognized a few of the songs on the song list, so it was great to learn some new travel tunes. All of the songs on this CD are geared towards travel and being in the car, and it would be a great way to entertain kids on a long car ride! Some of our favorite songs from this CD are “Going on a Bear Hunt,” “You Are My Sunshine,” and “Home on the Range!” You Are My Sunshine had a new upbeat twist on the classic song, and Angie couldn’t help but to shimmy along! She loved the part when Susie verbally directed the kids to wave their hands in the air! She also loved the real dog barks featured in “Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?” Many of these songs tell stories, and so kids will want to keep themselves listening to the lyrics! This CD also features male and female voices, as well as fun instruments like maracas and tambourines!

Ang loved dancing along!!

    The final CD we received to review was Classic Children’s Songs! I think this CD was our favorite, just because there isn’t a bad song in the bunch! Angie and I knew almost every song on the list, and as soon as one finished we were excited to hear the next one! On this CD, kids will recognize “The Alphabet Song,” “Found a Peanut,” and “Do Your Ears Hang Low,” among others! I was so impressed to hear Angie concentrating to sing along to Susie Tallman’s beautiful voice, and she couldn’t have been happier! 

    Another great feature about each of these CDs is the cover art. Each CD arrived in a beautiful cardboard cover with bright pictures that kids will really enjoy. The art is really original and filled with animals, just so perfect for the songs inside them! Each CD also comes with a fold-out featuring all the lyrics of all the songs, so if there’s one you don’t recognize it won’t be long until you’re singing along!

    I think all of the CDs I received would be great for kids between two and eight, but older siblings will also love remembering the songs of their childhood with younger siblings! Susie Tallman also sells lullabies for younger kids, and has a holiday CD as well! Any of these would make great birthday or Christmas presents, and they are all something that whole families will enjoy together! The lullabye CDs would also be a great baby shower gift! The best part of all of these CDs is the variety of music styles and instruments that can be heard! From country, to classical, to 1960’s boop shadoop-these CDs have it all!

    Some of the other titles available from Rock Me Baby Records are Lullabye Themes for Sleepy Dreams, Classical Baby, and A Child’s Christmas Holiday Songs & Carols

    Buy It! All of these CD’s can be found here at Susie Tallman’s website! I would DEFINITELY recommend buying these for the kids in your life. Every family should own one! Music is so important for every child’s growth, and these CD’s are a great way to get them hooked. You can also have the CD’s gift wrapped before they are shipped to you, which includes a small plushy toy!

    Win It! Susie Tallman and Rock Me Baby Records have been generous enough to donate the same three CDs that I received for me to give away! This giveaway will therefore have three winners, and each will receive one of the titles that I reviewed! The mandatory entry is to visit Susie Tallman’s site and comment back with a favorite CD title or song title from one of her CDs! If you are commenting with a song title, it should be different than the ones I mentioned in my review. This giveaway will close October 1st at noon. US entries only. Good luck!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much

Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for you're touch such a long lonely time
And time goes by so slowly, are you still mine? 

The lyrics are from one of my favorite rediscovered songs of the summer, Unchained Melody. Today and within the past week, I've been thinking a lot about time in general. It might be the changing of the seasons, or the fact that I now am feeling the Christmas time crunch already, but something has brought this subject up time and time again for me in the last few days.

It's weird to me to think that time sometimes seems like it's going by so slowly, like the lyrics above, but every day no matter good or bad still has the same amount of time. No matter how much you anticipate a day or dread a day, you will have to spend exactly 24hrs in that day, and then it will be history.

I've always had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that today is the only September 12, 2011 that the world has ever seen, or that it will ever see. Maybe in 50 years someone will pull this random date out of a hat and wonder, What happed on that day? And I don't know if I would have an answer. Nothing especially important happened today, but now that I realize it's the only "this day" history will ever know I feel that I must connect it to something meaningful.

As I get older, the years seem to fly by faster as well. As I've grown up and accumulated memories, I've found looking back at pictures to be more and more meaningful to me. It breaks my heart when I see a picture from just 7 or 8 years ago, and I don't have memories from when it was taken. I love that I'm growing older and living an amazing life, but what good are all these expiriences if I can forget them as easily as they happened?

It might just be the special date on the calendar yesterday that's making me think all this. Yesterday being the 10th anniversary of September 11th, I'm still baffled by how it could have been 10 years already. It made me think back to 2001, and I felt belittled and guilty for how little I accomplished these last 10 years, while so many people didn't have the chance to live those years at all.

"Do not regret growing older. It is a priveledge denied to many." I saw this quote somewhere once, maybe in a magazine, and have always kept it with me. It struck me as so true, that everyday is a priveledge, and that maybe those who complain about "spilled milk" should count their blessings. I'd like to end my post tonight with the request that you take a moment to reflect on how your life has changed over the past ten years since 9/11, and maybe look at the direction your life is headed in. Maybe it will do some good for someone somewhere. Be thankful.
Lonely rivers sigh, wait for me, wait for me, I'll be coming home, wait for me....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wiki Stick Fun!

Last night Angie and I got creative with Wiki Sticks! If you don't know what Wiki Sticks are, they're colorful, waxy sticks that you can form into shapes, and they never dry out! Check out our fun creations below!

Tons of fun and pretty, too! (:

Our Spider! 

Angie's Candy Canes!

A Bridge

And our best creation - a person with a balloon!
Comment below with something artistic you've tried this weekend!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CLOSED: Peaceful Treasures Review/Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to winner Rita M.!

The logo of Etsy store Peaceful Treasures describes the store’s products as “Jewelry Made with Love to Inspire,” and that is exactly the message I got from the Spiral Hope Earrings that I received to review. Not only are the earrings beautiful, but the message behind the beads really says everything about what shop owner Kristen Reimer is trying to convey through her hand-made pieces. 

Kristen has been making jewelry for about a year, but you would think it was much longer from the look and feel of her beautiful pieces. She opened her Etsy shop on February 9th, 2011. 
From Kristen:

"I started making jewelry after going to a farmer's market where a wonderful woman was selling her beautiful creations. I started talking to her and realized I could do it myself. I am a stay-at-home Mom/ Stepmom. I needed my own special niche. So, I started making inspirational pieces. I had been in an awakening process for some time and found that creating jewelry is quite therapeutic and helps me to continue to become more and more enlightened."

Kristen makes all the jewelry sold by Peaceful Treasures by hand with beads from BeadforLife, a non-profit organization helping women in Uganda support themselves by paying fair-trade prices for handmade beads. The beads themselves are beautiful. The Spiral Hope Earrings feature two of the BeadforLife beads on each earring, along with a spiral bead and a bead reading “Hope” at the bottom. This bead carries on the message behind the earrings, that because of these earrings there is a woman in Uganda who has hope for a brighter tomorrow.

The earrings came with a small tag from BeadforLife, which tells the customer the special story behind the beads that Kristen uses in all her jewelry:

"One out of every four people alive struggle to survive on about $1 a day. BeadforLife is a non-profit organization providing impoverished Ugandan women an opportunity to lift their families out of poverty by making beaded jewelry out of recycled paper. Many of the beaders are HIV + mothers or war refugees, and all are suffering from extreme poverty. BeadforLife pays the beaders fair trade prices for their work. Beacause of their work with BeadforLife, their beads become income, food, medicine, homes, school fees, and hope."

All net proceeds from the sale of BeadforLife products are reinvested in programs that fight extreme poverty. So when you purchase jewelry from Peaceful Treasures, not only do you receive a beautiful accessory for yourself, but your also helping women in Uganda support their families! That’s awesome!

Because I loved the earrings so much, I had to check out the rest of the Peaceful Treasures shop! These beaded chunky bracelets would also be a great fall/winter accessory! I love that no two beads are exactly the same, so every piece is a little special! Just looking at the sheer number of beads on these pieces makes me think of all the good Peaceful Treasures and BeadforLife are doing! The blue bracelet is called the Blue and Silver Memory Wire Bracelet and the brown is the Memory wire bracelet in natural colors and silver!

I also love these Peacock Feather and Recycled Paper Bead earrings! I’ve seen earrings like these in magazines, and they would really spice up an outfit in any season!

Kristen can also do custom pieces with the BeadforLife beads, so if there’s something you want that you don’t see in her store, you can ask about that too! She does jewelry with photos, sayings, quotes, or logos, so there'e definitely some great personalized gift options from Peaceful Treasures!

Buy it: To purchase the Spiral Hope Earrings, or anything else from Peaceful Treasures, please check out their store by clicking one of the links! You can also like Kristen's store on Facebook by searching "Peaceful Treasures" in the search bar!

Win it: Peaceful Treasures has been so generous in providing one lucky reader with a pair of Spiral Hope Earrings of their own! These are the same earrings I received to review, and I know whoever wins will just love them! The mandatory entry is to visit the Peaceful Treasures Etsy shop and comment back here with your favorite piece. Please be sure that I can see your email in your profile, and if not please leave it in the comment! The giveaway will be open from Wednesday September 7th until Wednesday September 21st at noon. Thanks and good luck!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lessons Learned at a Lake in NH

I spent Sunday night and most of Monday at Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire with some girlfriends. It was really just a relaxing way to wind down the summer, and although it wasn't "action packed" we all agreed that it was nice to have some time to chill by the lake, eat some great food, and catch up on some much needed sleep.

What I learned while I was there...
1. I love walking around wooded areas barefoot. I pretty much didn't wear shoes the whole time we were there, at first because I couldn't remember where I had put my shoes but later because I liked the way my feet felt on the cold dirt.

2. I'm really bad at kayaking. And canoeing. And anything involving lakes and physical activity.

3. Golden Girls is a really funny show, and worth watching occasionally with friends. Even if it did put me to sleep.

4. Going to bed while everyone else parties the night away isn't the end of the world. I got about 10 hours of sleep and I really didn't regret it.

5. I wish our town had a prettier waterfall. On the way home, we stopped in Meredith, NH, for food and they had this gorgeous rushing waterfall right in the middle of all the shops. It made our town's waterfall look disgusting. It also just smelled nice. I like the smell of water, apperently.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why procrastination is the key to my sucess: a ramble on time management

So here I am. It's labor day weekend, it's a beautiful day outside, and I'm sprawled out on my couch. I have a ton of work to finish up by Wednesday, and it's open on the couch beside me. But am I doing the work right now? Of course not! Am I planning to do the work today? Not at all. I'm actually headed down to a lakehouse in NH (pics to come) where I will probably not accomplish any work.

While some people might be feeling the pressure to get the work done with only a few days left before it's due, in my head I feel like I have a good three days to do it, and for that reason I'm having a hard time forcing myself to start. I know that things will probably come up between now and Wednesday, and I'll probably write a post later on in the week about how I'm kicking myself for not getting it all done sooner.

But this is how I have always been, and maybe it's not a bad thing that I'm overly confident I WILL get it done. I've never really missed a due date in my life, so it's impossible for me to think this one would be any different. Why am I such a procrastinator? This is a question I've had to deal with pretty much since diapers. If I know I have a deadline looming, I will suddenly envision hundreds of other things I could be doing, and do those first.

I was thinking about this the other day, too. I think what it is is that I really need to feel the pressure of a time crunch in order to force myself to do work I don't want to do. I love the feeling of taking on a huge amount of work, combing that with a million activites or plans, and rising to the ocassion. There really is no better feeling for me than finishing an enormous amount of work in time to get eight hours of sleep.

Although right now, it looks like I won't be getting eight hours of sleep on Tuesday night. Most of the work I have to do is just reading, but the thing is it's on a subject that really just doesn't interest me at all. And it's a beautiful day out, and we're going to a lake house at 2:30, so it would be strange to me to see myself working right now. Which is why I'm blogging, one of procrastination's best acheivements.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Five Fall Favorites!

Tonight was kind of a "blah" night. It was closing night of the season at the playhouse where I work in the summers, and there were definitely some tears shed during goodbyes. It's always sad to see some great friends leave, and this summer has been exceptionally meaningful in that aspect. Also, I really didn't feel good at all tonight, my stomach was upset to the point where I wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been closing night.

So for tonight's blog post, I decided to try to keep it positive and post my five favorite things about fall! Now that it's September 3rd already, it seems that summer has officially left and fall is here to stay!

Number 5: New seasons of my favorite shows!
This has to be something everyone looks forward to. All the best shows start new seasons in the fall! This year, I'm really looking forward to the final season of Desperate Housewives, and the first episode of Dr. Phil's new season!

Number 4: Fall wardrobe haul!
Definitely one of my favorite things about the seasons changing: it's out with the old, in with the new as far as clothes are concerned! A bunch of us went shopping down in Massachusettes last weekend and I got a bunch of cute new things to wear for fall and winter! Lots of warm knits and a cute pair of legwarmers to wear over skinny jeans!

Number 3: Fresh Starts!
Maybe it's the kid in me remembering the first day of elementary school, but every fall still feels like the chance for a new beginning. Fall always reminds me of change as well, and everything sure looks different what with the beautiful changing colors of the leaves!

Number 2: Fall Smells!
Fall is by far my favorite seasons for scents. My favorite scent in the world is apple cider, whether its fresh from the pot or from a candle! I also love pumpkin and apple pie, and who doesn't love the smell of a fire in the fireplace!

Who can resist some apple-scented goodness?!

And the number one thing I love about Fall...My Birthday!
If you know me, you know that I go crazy about my birthday. In my house, the countdown has already started, and I'm sure I'll start one on here soon enough. My birthday is September 29th, and I really try to make every one memorable! This year I'm headed to NYC...can't wait to blog about the amazing time I'm going to have and to post pics!!

So those are my favorite things about Fall. Remembering all the things I'm looking forward to definitely helped to wash away some of tonight's blues. Goodbyes are so tough, but with so many wonderful things to come this month I'm sure I won't be sad for long!


Friday, September 2, 2011

Six weeks and craving tomatoes...say what??

Within the past few days, I've noticed a couple Facebook posts such as "I'm six weeks and craving tomatoes." Not only did I find it odd to see such similar posts by numerous Facebook friends, but the fact that none of the girls who posted these are pregnant was also odd. So I decided to investigate.

To begin my investigation, I did what every good detective must do. I googled. Typing in the google search bar, I copied one of the statuses and pasted it to google, and then looked at my results. The very first result said "I'm six weeks and craving tomatoes," and was a question on Yahoo! Answers, so I clicked.
Why were all my friends suddenly craving tomatoes??

The person who had written the post was very confused, as I was, at why friends were posting these out-of-the-ordinary statuses. The second answer on the post, however, unlocked all the mysteries! I learned that these posts are in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. You may remember in past years seeing women post the colors of their bra as their status, or where they like to keep their purse.

According to the post, so many people took part in these status updates last year that it made national news! The key is to not tell any guys what your post means or why your doing it, but to raise awareness your supposed to tell all your girlfriends!
It's because of Breast Cancer Awareness!!

The answer behind the weird statuses is this: you choose your birthday, month and day, and match it to the list below. Then you post as your status: "I'm (your birth month) weeks and I'm craving (your birthday)!"
Example: Feb 14th= I'm 2 weeks and craving Choclolate mints!!


Days of the month:

1- Skittles
2- Starburst
3- Kit-Kat
4- M&M's
5- Tomatoes
6- Ice Cream
7- Dairy Milk
8- Lollipop
9- Peanut Butter Cups
10- Meat Balls
11- Twizzlers
12- Bubble Gum
13- Hershey's Kisses
14- Chocolate Mints
15- Twix
16- Cheese
17- Fudge
18- Cherry Jello
19- Banana's
20- Pickels
21- Chicken Wings
22- Skittles
23- Gummy Bears
24- Gummy Worms
25- Strawberry Pop Tarts
26- Starburst
27- Mini Eggs
28- Kit-Kat Chunkie
29- Double Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies
30- Smarties
31- Chocolate Cake

According to this, I'm thirteen weeks and I'm craving Double Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookies!!!

Comment below with how many weeks you are and what you're craving!! And tell me, do you plan on updating your status with this in support of Breast Cancer Awareness?


To see the orignial Yahoo! Answers post, click here:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How Reader's Digest has lost its touch

At our public library, there is a table in the front where you may drop off unwanted magazines and pick up new ones to take home. You do not have to check them out from the library, nor do you ever need to return them. We use this table often, and its fun to bring home all different types of magazines for the family to read.

Recently, I brought home a couple of Reader's Digests since we are all avid readers of this publication. They were dated 1996, but I figured they would still have interesting stories, and since the magazines is more about life than current events I didn't mind that they were dated.

But upon bringing them home and starting to read them, I realized how much Reader's Digest has degraded within the last fifteen years. First of all, the older publications used to have the table of contents right on the cover. I remember that this was the only magazine that did this at the time, and it was cool because you didn't have to go flipping through to find what you wanted to read.

Reader's Digest September 1996
Second, the older publication is much thicker than the ones they are coming out with today, and contains far more content and far less advertisements. Comparing the older one to one from last month, it was so frustrating to feel that today you are paying a higher price to read a smaller magazine with less content. The paper used to print the magazine is also different today than it was fifteen years ago; the older paper is thicker and much durable, while the new style is glossy but tears easily.

My biggest regret when comparing the older Reader's Digest to the new was to see how many feautures have been removed in the last fifteen years. For example, one of my favorite sections of the magazine are the jokes that people can submit to RD. The olders version has a large amount of jokes pages, including a Campus Humor section that the new editions no longer contain. There was also a section entitiled Real Life Ponderings that just contained quotes from everday that would make people think. Overall, the stories is the older version are longer and more numerous, while the same can be said for the advertisements in the new version.

Reader's Digest September 2011
All of these comparisons will not make me stop buying Reader's Digest; I still enjoy reading the up-to-date magazines and wouldn't consider canceling my subscription. But it does make me realize that the quality of magazines today has really taken a sharp decline. And I know that this is not only true for Reader's Digest, but for many other publications as well. All you have to do is look in the attic for an old Time magazine and you will see my point.