Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Fighter - a must see!

I know this post is probably a little late, because The Fighter was up for best picture at the Oscar's this past year, but it was such a great movie.

I know why Christian Bale won best supporting actor because his performance was unbelievable - and this is coming from someone who's really picky about acting. He played the crack-addict, former fighter brother, Dickey, of Micky Ward, who is a fighter training to win anything, just to provide for his crazy family.

Amy Adams was also really really good in this, and played a much harsher role than I'd ever seen her in before. She played the bartending girlfriend of Micky, and she was nothing like the princess Gisele she playined in Enchanted. I loved seeing how versatile all of the actors and actresses in this movie are!

The woman who played Mickey's mother Alice, Melissa Leo, also won an Academy Award for best supporting actress. He character was someone you loved to hate, and she was very fun to watch. One of the most entertaining aspects of this movie was the gaggle of sisters, 5 of them, who followed the mother around.

Mark Walberg played the title role, and he was really good too, althought Christian Bale definitely over-shadowed him in this case because he was just so beleiveable as a bum from Lowell, even though he's really British! Add this movie to your netflix queue, you won't regret it!

Comment below and tell me if you've seen any good movies lately!

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