Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why procrastination is the key to my sucess: a ramble on time management

So here I am. It's labor day weekend, it's a beautiful day outside, and I'm sprawled out on my couch. I have a ton of work to finish up by Wednesday, and it's open on the couch beside me. But am I doing the work right now? Of course not! Am I planning to do the work today? Not at all. I'm actually headed down to a lakehouse in NH (pics to come) where I will probably not accomplish any work.

While some people might be feeling the pressure to get the work done with only a few days left before it's due, in my head I feel like I have a good three days to do it, and for that reason I'm having a hard time forcing myself to start. I know that things will probably come up between now and Wednesday, and I'll probably write a post later on in the week about how I'm kicking myself for not getting it all done sooner.

But this is how I have always been, and maybe it's not a bad thing that I'm overly confident I WILL get it done. I've never really missed a due date in my life, so it's impossible for me to think this one would be any different. Why am I such a procrastinator? This is a question I've had to deal with pretty much since diapers. If I know I have a deadline looming, I will suddenly envision hundreds of other things I could be doing, and do those first.

I was thinking about this the other day, too. I think what it is is that I really need to feel the pressure of a time crunch in order to force myself to do work I don't want to do. I love the feeling of taking on a huge amount of work, combing that with a million activites or plans, and rising to the ocassion. There really is no better feeling for me than finishing an enormous amount of work in time to get eight hours of sleep.

Although right now, it looks like I won't be getting eight hours of sleep on Tuesday night. Most of the work I have to do is just reading, but the thing is it's on a subject that really just doesn't interest me at all. And it's a beautiful day out, and we're going to a lake house at 2:30, so it would be strange to me to see myself working right now. Which is why I'm blogging, one of procrastination's best acheivements.

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