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As you can probably tell from the title of this post, (it sounds like I'm yelling!) I have something to talk about that I feel very strongly about. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL TEEN GIRLS READ THIS POST AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Last night on Lifetime, there was a movie on about a group of teen girls and specifically one girl named Haley. This movie was based on a true story, that's what's so awful about it. Haley is very smart for her age and skipped a grade, and works at a diner to have money for herself. She doesn't have many friends, but she has one close friend who is kind of nerdy but is always there for her. The girls joke about how "obnoxious" the popular girls in their grade are, and make fun of them for thinking they're all that.

One day when Haley is working, the popular girls from her school come in. She has to wait on them and when they can't pay their bill, she's forced to cover for them. Haley doesn't mind this though because the ringleader of the group, Alexa, promises to pay her back, and Haley grabs at the chance to be "included" in the popular group.

Haley leaves her old life behind and starts hanging out with Alexa and the girls. She goes to a party at Alexa's house and gets drunk for the first time, and gets her first kiss through a game of spin the bottle. Alexa and Haley become really close, and all the other girls in Alexa's group become jealous of Haley. Haley even ditches her family birthday part for Alexa!

One day, a couple of the girls in Alexa's group plot revenge on Haley for stealing Alexa from them. They creep on Haley's facebook page and find a post where she was bashing Alexa to her old friend before she was "popular." The girls show Alexa and she freaks out, and they call Haley and tell her it's over between them.

Haley's really confused because these girls are her best friends, so she goes to Alexa's house to try to work things out. When she gets there, her "friends" call her a whore and begin to beat her. They film the whole thing on an iPhone, and beat her and beat her until she's unconscious. When she wakes up, they drive her to a parking lot, drop her off, and leave her there.

Haley receives help from a lady in the parking lot and gets to a hospital, where her parents meet her. They learn what happened and also that Haley has permanent damage to her sight and hearing. Alexa's grandmother finds the video of the fight and turns the other 5 girls in. The girls, including Alexa, are sent to jail for assault and the case goes to trial.
Haley and her parents in court while her "friends" are sentenced.
This is all I watched because I went to bed, but I feel like every teenaged girl should see this movie. Alexa and her group of girls are the typical popular girls of any school, and Haley is that girl who just wants to fit in. In an effort to look cool by all, Haley's life is ruined forever and Alexa and her minions end up in prison.

IF YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER, SISTER, FRIEND who is a teenager, get her to watch this movie. It is a real phenomenon, and one that has been talked about on the news, that girls will stage fights just to make youtube videos. It's sick. It's horrible. And watching this movie can prevent it.

Tyra Banks has covered this issue on the Tyra show as well. Here's the clip from that:

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