Friday, October 28, 2011

Taking on a ghostly role tomorrow afternoon! All Soul's Walk Kennebunk!

Tonight I am excited about my second All Soul's Walk tomorrow from 1-4, with the All Soul's Dinner following at 7:00pm! The All Soul's Walk is put on by the Brick Store Museum, which is Kennebunk's historical museum. The Walk is really a progression of costumed "ghosts" of real citizens of Kennebunk who are burried in our Hope Cemetary, and whose stories will excited you!

all souls poster

I participated in the Walk last year, and although it was chilly it was lots of fun! There are about 15 "ghosts" on the walk who stand next to the graves of the 19th-century citizens they are portraying, and tell their "personal" story 7-8 times throughout the day.

This year I'm excited because after doing it last year, I am now a vetran of the walk. I will be portraying the same character I played last year, so I think I will be a lot more confident in knowing my story.

My character is the nanny for the Moody family, who lived in Kennebunk in the 1800's. Horatio Moody was a sea captain during the shipping era of Kennebunk, and his family, as well as their nanny, often accompanied him on his voyages. On the maiden voyage of his ship the Rambrandt, his two young sons were tragically swept overboard and lost at sea.

Mr. and Mrs. Moody returned to their Italianate home some months later, and Horatio retired soon thereafter. It was said that upong returning to their home, they found wet footprints leading into their sons' room, and wet bedclothes that reaked of seawater. It is now said that their home, 39 Summer St. in Kennebunk, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of George and Harry Moody.

Horatio Moody House, Kennebunk, ME
As the nanny, I will be standing in costume tomorrow (my favorite part!) by the empty graves of the two Moody boys. After the walk, I will travel to the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport where I will participate in a costumed dinner as well! It should be a spook-filled Saturday and a great theatrical expirience!

Harry P Moody
The empty graves of George and Harry Moody, lost as sea, Kennebunk, Maine

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  1. This sounds like it would be a great walk through history. I wish I could be there! Have fun.