Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great Gift for Theatre Lovers/Collectors: FOUND!

Hi All! Christmas is coming, and while browsing ETSY I've just found an amazing gift for anyone of any age who is a fan of theatre! The shop is called UneekDollDesigns, and they create all these little collectable dolls based on characters from history and literature, but many of them are from great works of theatre as well!

Dolls from Phantom of the Opera:
Phantom of the Opera Doll Raoul Miniature Art Character

Phantom of the Opera Doll  Erik  Miniature With Mask and Cape

Phantom of the Opera Doll Christine in Dusty Rose Dress Collectible Art Miniature

Les Miserables Doll Jean Val Jean Classical Literature Art
Jean Val Jean
Dolls from Les Miserables (these made me so excited! The whole set it there!!):
Art Doll Marius of Les Miserables Miniature Character

Les Miserables Doll Cosette Miniature French Literary Character

Inspector Javert Doll Miniature From Les Miserables

Dolls from Little Women:
Little Women Louisa May Alcott Doll Miniature Dream Set

Multiple Dolls inspired by works of Charles Dickens:
Dickens Doll Oliver Twist  Please Sir May I have Some More Art Miniature
Oliver Twist
Dickens Christmas Carol Tiny Tim Doll Victorian Era
Dickens' Christma Carol Set

The King and I:
Anna Doll Miniature of Anna and the King of Siam
Mrs. Anna

The King of Siam Art Doll Miniature
The King of Siam
Whether you love theatre or are only familiar with a couple of the shows these dolls are from, you will be astounded by the talent in this shop! I would definitely recommend these dolls as gifts for anyone who loves theatre as much as I do!! Please check out UneekDollDesigns for more!


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