Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving/I want to be an extreme couponer!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!!! I'll be spending this thanksgiving in CT for the first time in atleast 4 years, which I'm pretty excited about. It's also the first time in 3 years that I won't be down in New York City at the Macy's Day Parade, but I'm excited to catch some of the highlights on TV and actually be able to see the street performers!

Last night, I watched TLC's "Extreme Couponing" for about 3 hours, and now I have a new goal: By Thanksgiving 2012, I want to have a stock pile. It doesn't have to be big like the ones on TV, but I really want to try it out.

The thing is, I know I can be really good at extreme couponing. I already win lots of giveaways, have been winning since 2009, and have won thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I don't think couponing will be any different! Last night I got started, and I printed tons of manufacturer and store coupons. I'm starting with only the things I think I'll actually buy, because if you buy something you wouldn't normally buy just because you have a coupon, you're wasting money.

I'm going to start cutting out coupons whereever I see them, and I love organizing things so I will love organizing coupons, atleast I think so right now. The thrill of winning giveaways has worn down a little, and even though I'm really into hosting giveaways right now and trying new (free!) products that way, couponing is something I could do at the same time.

So that is my 2012 Thanksgiving goal. Back to this Thanksgiving though. Everyone is very blessed, and if you don't think you are, start counting. Today I am thankful for many, many things, so here are the first 20 that come to mind. What are you thankful for today??
1. family
2. friends (the crew!)
3. theatre
4. this past week's play "I Remember Mama!"
5. good food
6. the playhouse
7. New York City
8. summer
9. the beach
10. ice cream
11. the mall
12. good movies
13. Angie
14. broadway
15. getting to meet Daniel Radcliffe and Bernadette Peters this year!
16. new york cheese cake
17. perfume
18. heat
19. pictures
20. having this week-long break!


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