Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Addiction to Desperate Housewives...Revealed!

Alright. I have a confession. I'm totally and completely one-hundred-percent obsessed with Desperate Housewives.


Ok, so I know I posted earlier this Fall about being excited for the new season which started this fall, but my obsession has gone farther. I'm still watching every Sunday night, but now I've started the whole series over from the beginning!

I'm near the end of season one, and I've been watching the every episode, even though I've seen random ones, because I really want to get the whole story. It's interesting watching season 1 and season 8 at the same time, but since theres SO MUCH to the storyline of each season they're completely different and it's easy to keep track of them in my head.

I think its so much better watching shows completely in order than to just watch random episodes. I've watched other shows from start to finish too, like Monk, Lost, Real Housewives of Orange County (what is it with me and housewives?!) and I've started Mad Men. Clearly, I have way too much time on my hands.

Anyways, back to Desperate Housewives. If you don't watch the show and would like to, Hulu is great because they've got every episode in order from start to finish for free. I would definitely recommend this show; it's got an amazing story line that it so addictive, and every show has some pretty funny parts as well.

As for where I am in the series right now, here's what has just happened: Bree just sent Andrew to a discinplinary camp, Gabby is about to find out she's pregnant since Carlos has been switching her birth control, Susan's mother is in town and might be moving in with her, and Linette had to find a better way to discipline her kids after Bree spanked Porter.

My favorite characters are definitely Bree and Gabby, because there are parts of each of them that remind me of myself. I also love some of the random neighborhood characters, such as Felicia Tillman. Every episode has so much depth to it and the story line really is carried over all 8 seasons, which is really cool because many shows are completely different in season 8 than season 1 (ahem...LOST)



  1. Just came across this post whilst looking for a Desperate Housewives Facebook page. I too am obssessed with DH, I love it, on season 5 now but still watching latest on TV every Sunday (although in the UK we are a bit behind you)

    Desperate Housewives is the best, it is so totally deep and emotional but also so funny at the same time!

  2. lol i know this was posted forever ago but i hated the way the last season ended did you? it made me cry that they slpit up when i say it i was like wait what thats it they move to diffrent places and they dont play poker ever again. what did you think of it? and do you think its weird that i still whatch the episodes now that its over n im still really sad that it ended?