Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide from Not One Ordinary Moment!

Hello all and Merry Christmas! Tonight was Christmas Prelude kick-off in Kennebunkport, complete with the lighting of our 30-foot tree! Prelude is such a wonderful tradition, and our small seaside town has been rated the second-best Christmas town in America!

The reason for my post today is to recommed the products I've reviewed over the past few months as great Christmas gifts! These gifts are perfect for many of the people on your Christmas shopping list, and I just know that friends and family would really love these presents! Happy Shopping!

Gifts for Mom:
Peaceful Treasures Etsy shop sells handmade jewelry made from hand-rolled beads in Africa. Making these beads gives impoverished women in Africa a way to support their family! To purchase this beautiful jewelry, please check out my review here:

Spencer's Farm Natural Goat Milk Soap is a perfect gift for the spa-loving mama! This soap smells amazing and is all natural, made from the milk of goats right at Spencer's Farm! We recommend the lavender scent:

Gifts for Dad:
The UGLee Pen - the world's most comfortable ergonomic pen - is perfect for any tech-savy dad! This pen has a very comfortable grip and fits the contours of the hand. They come in packs of three and are perfect for the office:

Gifts for Kids:
Susie Tallman and Friends sell three fabulous CDs for kids: classic songs, nursery rhymes, and travel songs! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing these CDs for your kiddos! The songs are so professionally done, and theres so many of them, you'll have hours of listening fun:

Susie Tallman and Friends also have a wonderful Christmas CD for children of all ages! We love listening to A Child's Christmas, it will really put you in the holiday spirit, and is such a wonderful gift for children. What better gift than the gift of Christmas carols?:

Gifts for The Family:
Everyone loves Christmas cookies! Dr. Lucy's Gluten-Free cookies are great for Christmas parties because they can be enjoyed by everyone! Flavors like Ginger Snap and Chocolate are perfect for everything from office Christmas parties to a little treat for Santa. Since they're allergie-free, everyone is welcome to try them:

Merry Christmas!

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