Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prelude in Kennebunkport: #2 Christmas Town In America!

Our small beach town of Kennebunkport has an amazing Christmas celebration every year called Prelude, and we really don't need a TV station to tell us how great it is. We already believe. BUT it is nice to know our town was ranked the #2 Christmas town in America by HGTV! Who's number 1? We don't know. WE love our town, our little Kennebunkport.

Kennebunkport's 30th Christmas Prelude kicked off last night in Dock Square when thousands of people gathered for the lighting of the Christmas tree! The tree is 30 feet tall and is decorated with lobster buoys as ornaments. It was lit with all white lights and looked absolutely stunning. Our high school chamber choir caroled beautiful chrsitmas songs, which was a splendid treat.

Don't get me wrong, I love Kennebunkport in the Summer too, but Prelude in Kennebunk is more than special. It's magical. I spent all day in the Port today, caroling with friends, and there was just magic in the air. On a little side note, Prelude is great for the tourism in our small town, and local businesses actually have their busiest days on the first Saturday of Prelude, which was today!

We got to catch little bits and pieces of the hat parade, which has become another Prelude tradition over the years. At first, we just assumed tourists liked to wear weird Christmas hats, but they were all actually for the hat parade. Then we did a little holiday shopping in a local store called Zen, which sells Mexicali-Blues type items and is so much fun! Tonight there was a second tree lighting in lower village, again with the chamer choir caroling, and then a candle lit caroling at the monastery which I opted out of because of the cold. If you ever come to Prelude in Kenneubunkport, bring your mitties!

Below are some pictures of our town around Christmas time!


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  1. I have been going to Prelude every year with my mother sisters cousins Aunts and friends Since it began in 1982. I am happy to say 30 years later a third generation of daughters and neices and their friends have now added to our merry group and we love it even more because it has become a family tradition !!!