Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Animal Songs & Stories CD review/giveaway!

I'm excited to be reviewing another CD by one of my favorite children's artists! Not One Ordinary Moment has worked with Susie Tallman and Friends on other wonderful CDs such as Children's Songs and Childhood Favorites, Classic Nursery Rhymes, Let's Go! and A Child's Christmas. Susie Tallman always provides a wonderful mix of classic and orignal children's songs, and the combination of her beautiful voice and aptitude for entertaining children through music and stories is sure to delight moms and kids alike!
Looking for some animal-themed kids music? Look no futher!
Animal Songs & Stories by Susie Tallman and Friends - a wonderful CD for animal-lovin kiddos!
As I mentioned, we own four other CDs by Susie Tallman and Friends and so were SO EXCITED to have the chance to review her newest CD: Animal Songs and Stories! This CD is animal-themed, and includes familiar songs such as Little Bunny Foo Foo, Pop Goes the Weasel, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, and Six Little Ducks! Since these are all songs that I grew up with, I was so happy to see that Angie will be able to learn and sing along to these just like I did! Here's a little clip of what Rock Me Baby Records has to say about this great new CD:

"Animal Songs is a knees-up new children's record by Susie Tallman that will delight and inspire the entire family. For over 30 witty fun-filled tracks, listeners re-discover beloved animal tunes in lively new arrangements. Songs are delivered in a humorous playful manner that engages children and parents on all levels of creativity. The playful symphony of guitars, ukuleles, train whistles, banjos, accordions, and even clanging spoons and good ole' people whistling, will delight and inspire all listeners. Animal Songs will march, pop, bounce, cucaracha, and energetically conga its way into the award-winning Rock Me Baby Collection; it is certain to become a family favourite."
Just a bit of the awesome track list!

Since we already were familiar with Susie's music and the quality of her CDs, we were so excited to put this one on as soon as we received it! We decided to share this CD with Angie's younger cousins, ages 4, 3, and 1, as an early holiday present. We put the CD right on, and the kids started boogying away! One of my favorite things about Animal Songs & Stories is that it is a great mix of classic and new songs about animals, but all of them with fun and creative twists! With Susie's music, your family will get to hear familiar favorites but with new verses you didn't know about, or with added instruments that will make your child's ears perk right up!
Animal Songs & Stories by Susie Tallman and Friends - Back Cover
Animal Songs & Stories caters to all children, so boys and girls alike will love listening to it! We had four kids of a range of ages up and dancing to songs about bears, monkeys, skunks, foxes: you name it! Angie has had a puppy obsession as of late and so of course fell in love with Susie's rendition of Get Along, Little Dogies! Since so many of the songs will be familiar to parents, this CD is great for families to bond over and join in singing along. It is so important to foster a child's love for music, and Susie's CDs are a fun and easy way for moms and dads to do that! While singing these classics to your children can be fun without background music, there is nothing that compares to having Susie's beautiful voice back you up with fun beats and new verses! This CD is a must for all parents!
Some of Susie Tallman's other wonderful CDs - all must-haves!
With the holidays coming near, the gift of music is a wonderful present for the special child in your life. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of Animal Songs and Stories by Susie Tallman and Friends as an easy gift that is sure to bring unlimmited joy to both a child and his or her family. Children will very much enjoy singing along to songs they already know, or learning new songs with their pet or favorite stuffed animal! The animal theme is something that is easy for all children to connect to, and is a fun way to combine a child's interests in animals and music. This CD is a must for long road trips, as there are 30 tracks that allow for long amounts of listening without having to change the CD. Whether you've got a dancin' diva who will love the up-beat tracks, or a quieter child who would prefer to listen to this at bedtime, there's something for everyone on Animal Songs & Stories by Susie Tallman and friends.
Something else that's cool about this CD can be summed up in one word: VARIETY! Susie always amazes me with not only the variety of songs, but the variety of instruments and guest artists her songs incorporate as well! I was delighted at the amount of animals that were featured in this CD as well: if your son or daughter wants to sing about pigs, cats, bears, monkeys, spiders, rabbits, ducks, or owls; this CD has it all! As always, Susie delightfully provides a mix of stories in with her songs, which children will enjoy hearing while they take a snack break from all their boogeying!
Susie's Christmas CD - we already own and love it! - it a great holiday - themed present that any child will love to own!
Win It! Susie Tallman and Rock Me Baby Records have been generous enough to donate the same  CD that I received for me to give away! The mandatory entry is to visit Susie Tallman’s site and comment back with a favorite CD title or song title from one of her CDs! Tell me which one you'd love to own, or something you like about Susie's music. If you are commenting with a song title, it should be different than the ones I mentioned in my review. Then, follow Not One Ordinary Moment via GFC. This giveaway will close November 27th at noon. US entries only. Good luck!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

MelanSol Sunscreen Review/Giveaway!!

      Back Image
One of the reasons I look forward to fall so much is because of all the wonderful outdoor activites there are to do! From apple picking to corn mazes, haunted houses and fairs (see our pictures from the Fryeburg Fair below), every weekend can be filled with a fun outdoor adventure. After a long summer in the sun, it can seem as if our skin is finally safe from the sun's harsh effects, and many of us forget to wear sunscreen while partaking in these fun fall activities. However, it is important to have a sunscreen for everday use, all year long, and I've got a great new sunscreen to share with you! Introducing MelanSol Suncreen - an organic sunscreen perfect for all ages and ethnicities!
Fryeburg Fair - one of many fall adventures!

MelanSol is a wonderful company that produces 100% natural skin care. All products are certified by the Natural Products Association. I received a Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen to review, and have found that it is the perfect sunscreen for daily fall use! This sunscreen is healthy for the face and body, and contains antioxidants such as Natural Vitamin E, Bio-Melanin, and Green Tea. The sunscreen comes in a tube that is perfect to keep in your purse or right on your dresser. It is very easy to apply, and I was in love with the natural smell, a welcomed change from the generic "sunscreen" smell most often associated with summer!
MelanSol sunscreen can boast so many wonderful qualities. This sunscreen is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, and reflects 95% of harmful UV rays. MelanSol describes this sunscreen as:

An All Natural Sunscreen System Combining Effective Sun Reflection with Potent Antioxidants that Help Prevent Sunburn and Slow Skin Aging.

How great! This sunscreen is easily massaged into skin, and didn't leave any sticky residue behind. As I mentioned before the smell is very natural, and not long-lasting. This is a great sunscreen to wear everyday under your regular makeup! MelanSol is a gluten-free sunscreen, perfect for those with Celiac's disease. MelanSol won't clog your pores like other sunscreens. It is dermatologist tested and approved, and was actually preferred by people with sensitive skin and skin sensitive to sunlight!
If you're in to natural products, or are just looking to try a new SAFE brand, I would definitely reccommend MelanSol 100% Natural Skin Care. MelanSol offers a complete line of skin protection products, including SPFs 10, 20, and 30, Moisturizer, Sunburn Relief Gel, Sunscreen for Baby, and Moisturizer for Baby. Everything is 100% natural and safe for all ages. Skin products that hydrate and condition are just what you get when you buy MelanSol. Sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection is an important everyday accessory!
BUY IT: I feel confident wearing MelanSol suncreen. I know that I'm getting the protection I need and don't feel the need to worry about the sun's effects on my skin while I'm enjoying everything fall has to offer. Many spas and health stores offer MelanSol throughout the US, so check out the complete list of retailers to see where to buy it near you. Can't find a retailer close to home? Purchase MelanSol online and enjoy 100% natural skin protection everyday of the year!

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This giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada only and ends Sunday, October 22nd, at 12:00pm Eastern. Good Luck!!

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*Disclaimer* I received a MelanSol Sunscreen to review and was not compensated monetarily. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monkey Balm Skincare Review/Giveaway!!

Living in Maine, the frequent changes to weather effect everything from your closet to your budget. Your skin, like everything else, takes a beating all year long, and changes with the seasons. Personally, the dry winter months cause my skin to dry out and crack, while the summer leaves me with sunburned skin and rough, caloused feet. I'm always on the lookout for new products to try that are inexpensive and will heal and protect my skin throughout the year. Monkey Balm is a wonderful, natural product that is easy to apply and actually works - on kids and adults!!
When I discovered Monkey Balm, I was intrigued as to whether or not this product actually does what it claims to do: soothe all kinds of skin ailments, from eczema to dry heels! This product was especially supposed to be wonderful for children's skin, so I was excited to have Angie try it out as well. Here's what the company, Balmers, LLC, has to say about this awesome product:
"I am the mother of 3 wonderful boys, each with terribly dry-skin and eczema. They would scratch that itchy dry skin to the point it would bleed. Living the Mountain West didn’t help either, with the super dry climate and extreme temperature swings.

After years of trying every over-the-counter and prescription cream under the sun to help my poor little Monkeys, I found out about Sea Buckthorn Oil."
When my Monkey Balm arrived, I couldn't wait to try it out!! The actual product is shaped like a giant glue stick or chapstick, and is so easy to use. You just take the cap off and apply to your skin, all over and as much or as little as you would like. When the balm runs down you simply turn the bottom, much like you would to raise a chapstick or gluestick! So easy, and great for kids who want to do things themselves. Angie is 6, and Monkeybalm was so easy for her to use herself on her arms and the back of her legs, both of which get really dry!
I love the feeling of Monkey Balm on my skin. I've been using it on my hands, elbows, and heels, and I've definitely seen improvements in the health of my skin in just a couple weeks! Monkey Balm restores damaged skin and makes your hands feel so soft! It is also perfect for correctly embaressing dry heels, which have often kept me from wearing flip flops in the past. I would definitely reccommend Monkey Balm for every family. From kids to adults, Monkey Balm is the perfect skin care product to soothe dry or itchy skin. As we head into winter, I know we will be relying on Monkey Balm more and more to correct our weather-damaged skin.

Monkey Balm is also perfect for babies, and its cute monkey packaging makes it an adorable baby shower favor! According to Balmers LLC, Monkey Balm is useful for diaper rashes, and is safe to use with clothe diapers. Every mommy wants to keep her baby's skin soft and healthy, and Monkey Balm is the perfect product for doing just that.
Sea Buckthorn - Monkey Balm's special ingredient!
I also love that Monkey Balm is completely organic. It is made with Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is the magic ingredient that separates Monkey Balm from other, generic balms on the market. It can be used to aid in such a wide variety of skin conditions, from dryness to itching, and can even be used as a daily moisturizer! It's compact size is perfect for travel, or it would fit nicely in a bathroom cabinet or right on your dresser!
Why buy Monkey Balm? Well, as the seasons change, you really need to be protecting your skin. Skincare is often something people let slide, but it really needs to be a priority! Monkey Balm is so soothing and so simple to use, it is perfect to just slip on right before bed! After using Monkey Balm for just a few weeks, you will definitely begin to notice a difference in how smooth your skin is! If you are looking for a cute organic skincare product to add to a giftbasket or to give on its own, Monkey Balm is the perfect little gift that anyone, and their skin, will appreciate.
BUY IT: Monkey Balm can currently be purchased only online, although it is coming to stores soon! It is sold in a single pack for $15.95 or in a double. Although I had some trouble accessing the Balmers, LLC website, you can easily purchase Monkey Balm through Abe's Market here: http://www.abesmarket.com/store/balmersnaturals/products/
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*Disclaimer* I received a Monkey Balm to review and was not compensated monetarily. All opinions are my own.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let Your Creativity Shine: Little Miss Matched SLIDERZ review!!

Summer is all about the flip flops, am I right?? A girl can never have enough pairs, and you truely know it's summer when you slide on your favorite pair of flops. Your flip flops should express your crazy personality and be fun to wear, which is why I adore Little Miss Matched and their SLIDERZ flip flops. Not only are these shoes super cute, the sliderz allow you to change the pattern on the bridge of the shoe for a multiple-in-one summer shoe!

Another style of LMM SLIDERZ!

I received a pair of LMM SLIDERZ flop flip shoes in blue, and we also received a child's pair of LMM SLIDERZ platform flop flips in pretty pink for Angie! I want to start out by talking about the design of the shoe. I absolutely HATE when flip flops break, it's the worst!! Just last night, I was at a concert in Portland and one of my flip flops broke; I spent half the night bare-foot! Well, I really wish I had worn my LMM SLIDERZ last night. These shoes are cute and fun, but they are also a quality shoe that won't break. The shoe itself is pretty thick for maximum comfort, and the bridge is sturdy. Both pairs of shoes have fun, girly designs on the base of the shoe!

You can buy extra inserts, such as the Wild Thing inserts, for endless Summer shoe fun!
SLIDERZ are the newest summer shoe from Little Miss Matched, a company that is known for their crazy fun apparel and decor! SLIDERZ are customizable shoes that give YOU the ability to design your shoes every time you wear them. Both pairs of SLIDERZ that we received came with fun inserts that are super easy to slide into the bridge of the flip flop. The reversable inserts slide right into the thong of the shoe, and look totally cute! You can also buy extra inserts for even more fun. Angie LOVED this aspect of the shoe, and if you're looking for creative shoes for girls look no further than Little Miss Matched!

I love wearing my LMM SLIDERZ, although they are definitely a "casual" flip flop. Living in Maine, I'm always looking for an easy pair of shoes to wear to the beach without having to worry about ruining them if they get sandy or wet! I wear my LMM SLIDERZ to the beach and to our local pool, as well as to run quick outdoor errands. Like Angie, I actually have a lot of fun deciding which insert to put into my shoe that day! As you can imagine from the name of the company, Little Miss Matched is all about getting crazy and expressing yourself through funky patterns. Mixing and matching designs is totally fun with this casual summer shoe!

Not crazy about the SLIDERZ? LMM also sells so many other shoes, such as the Poison Arrow Flip Flops, the Tropical Mix Wedge Flip Flops, and the Zany White Braided Thong Flip Flops!

The LMM SLIDERZ platform flop flips are super cute summer shoes for girls! Angie's are a little big right now, but she will love to wear these everywhere next summer. I could see girls wearing these almost anytime they go out, and they are just perfect for the beach or the lake! Girly girls will love the bright pink color and "grown-up" platform heel, while moms will feel they are getting a great bargain at only $14.33 (right now!) for a FABULOUS shoe! Speaking of fabulous, young High School Musical lovers will be just like Sharpay with these girly platforms!

Little Miss Matched is a wonderful company that sells much more than shoes! We took a look through their site, which is super easy to navigate by the way, and found so many other cool things we'd love to own or give as gifts! LMM is a great place to find birthday gifts or christmas gifts for girls and moms. I would feel really comfortable giving anything Miss Matched to a friend's daughter, because I know the product will be high quality and appropriate for all ages. Whether the young girl in your life is artsy, into fashion, or just loves bright colors, there is something for everyone at Little Miss Matched. Take a look at some of our favorite products!!
White Zany Print Bike Helmet
Hot Pink Camp Trunk

Girls NYC Around Town Classic Tote

Something I absolutely ADORE about the Little Miss Matched website is that you can search for apparel by trend! Whether your girl is headed off to camp or to the soccer stadium, Little Miss Matched has something for her! Some awesome trends that you can search by include Camper's Corner, A Day at the Beach, Dancing Ballerina, or Birthday Faves. My personal favorite is NYC inspired since as you all know, the only place I love more than Kennebunkport is New York City!

camper's corner
Little Miss Matched allows you to search for items by trend, such as the camper girl!

You can also search the website by your little girl's personal style. Some options include Artsy Girl, Rock N Roll Girl, Sporty Girl, or Uptown Girl! Middle school girls would enjoy searching for themselves online, and Little Miss Matched is a perfect place to start your daughter off with how to online shop!!

We ADORE these black riding rain boots from the Uptown Girl collection!!!

Little Miss Matched is having an awesome sale on everything! Now through 6/27, the ZANY sale features huge discounts! I saw some aweseom flip flops for as low as $5.33! Grab a pair for every gal in your family; these shoes are totally fun and a must have for beachy summer stylistas! Using the code Z10PLUS, you can also get 10% off and free shipping on an order of $50 or more!! With all these great deals, you'd really be missing out if you DIDN'T head over to pick out something fabulous from Little Miss Matched! http://www.littlemissmatched.com/

Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: Breyer Classic Pet Sitter Set!!

To purchase the Pet Sitter Set that our family loved, simple go to this link: http://www.breyerhorses.com/pet_sitter_set

When I hear the name Breyer, I automatically think back to a friend of mine and her beautiful horse collection. When we were little, I would often go to this particular friend's house and see her horses, big and small, lined up around her room. Of course, all of these horses were Breyer classics. This is what Breyer is known for. Recently, I was excited to find out that Breyer by Reeves International also makes play sets for younger children! Whereas older girls might love to collect the beautiful classic horses, younger children will delight in the Gift Play Sets that Breyer has to offer. We were delighted to get to try out the Pet Sitter Set by Breyer (Reeves International)!!

When the Pet Sitter Set arrived, I immediately fell in love with the packaging. The set includes a Pet Sitter doll, a young foal, a kitten, and a puppy. Little girls who love animals will be happy that this set comes with such a variety of friends! The packaging is set up to look as if the girl and her friends are playing in a field in front of a farm house, which I thought was really unique!

The quality of the Pet Sitter Set was wonderful. I love that these toys foster creative play, and allow the child to make up their own stories! Many toys these days keep the child from being this creative, but Breyer toys are classics! This toy set is definitely aimed at younger girls, I would say ages 4-7. Angie loved incorporating this doll in with her similar doll house toys, but she said she was glad to have a "farm" set because that is something you don't see much anymore! Living in Maine, we actually do have many farms near us, and Breyer toys are a great way of brining the farm home.

The detail on these toys is also really great. One thing that can be frustrated with girl's toys these days is that often time you can feel like you're just paying for something that wasn't made with care. This is in no way true with Breyer toys!! The young farm girl doll has cute little freckles on her face, and the tabby cat and puppy have lots of detail to make them look real. I've found that toys that are more realistic will hold Angie's attension for longer, so this was another plus!

 Art Class Set
Another Classic Play Set for younger girls by Breyer!

Something else I loved about this gift set was that the doll's clothing was APPROPRIATE! I would definitely feel comfortable giving this gift set to a friend's child. With the Breyer Pet Sitter Set, you know that you are giving a quality gift and that other moms will be okay with their daughter playing with this type of toy. This piece of mind is important, and Breyer provides it! The doll's clothese are a lot like something I would let Angie wear, and that realism with toys is also important for children's self esteem. This doll actually looks like a real little girl, which is something that can't be said about Barbies.

This is a great summer toy, and it also teaches responsibility. As your child has fun this summer, she can mimic the adventures she goes on with her doll. If your child goes camping or goes to a farm, this doll can be right there with her. This set is called the Pet Sitter Set since the doll is taking care of numerous animals. This inspires your child to be responsible just like her doll, and to care for family pets all by herself.
 Classics 3-Horse Stable (horses and Cruiser not included)
Girls will also love the Classic Breyer 3-Horse Stable!
There are so many reasons to buy this doll. I would love to give this are a Christmas or Birthday gift. The school year is drawing to a close soon, and the Breyer Pet Sitter Set would be a great end-of-the-school-year-gift! I would also gift this to a daughter if I was getting a new family pet, because it does inspire responsibility. I think it is wonderful that Breyer makes a toy set that inspires young girls to take care of their own pets!

BUY IT: If you would like to purchase this Breyer Classic Gift Play Set - Pet Sitter Set, they can be purchased at Toys R US or online! Breyer toys are made by Reeves International, and I encourage you to check out the other wonderful toys made by this great company! After browsing a little, I can tell you that Reeves International is a wonderful company that makes really quality toys! Definitely keep them in mind the next time you need a present! To purchase the Pet Sitter Set that our family loved, simple go to this link: http://www.breyerhorses.com/pet_sitter_set

Other products Not One Ordinary Moment loved:
 Olivia Farm Fresh Set (horse and some accessories not included)
Olivia, Farm Fresh Set!

 Eva, Saddle Up! (horse and some accessories not included)
Eva, Saddle Up!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen!!!

From TVs, to laptops, to iPhones, to iPads - every family has droves of electronics. These can all be so much fun (I know I enjoy watching Netflix on our iPad,) but the fun comes to a screeching halt when the screens of your electronics get too dirty to use. Then what do you do?? Who knows the correct way to clean electronics, without having to google it online, and then go out and find a product you might not even trust???

Introducing Clean Screen by Scott's Liquid Gold. Scott's Liquid Gold is a name every family knows (they make the wood cleaner!) and can trust. Their new product to clean electronic screens works wonders! The kit comes with a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. It is especially intended for today's valuable electronics, and the direcctions are easy to use to ensure the safety of your most valuable toys!

Clean Screen can be found at Wal-Mart!

We first tried Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen on a laptop. Before we started, I really noticed the design of the Clean Screen packaging. What I loved about the packaging was that on the side of the box, all the different types of electronics that you can clean with Clean Screen were shown in picture form, for quick understanding! From Flatscreen TVs, to computer monitors, MP3 players, cameras, portable video plays to cell phones, Clean Screen will clear up any screen for better viewing and more fun!

Clean Screen comes as wipes as well, perfect for smaller electronics!!

Clean Screen contains no alcohol and no amonia, so it's SUPER SAFE for all your electronics. You simply spray the orange cloth provided, and the Reverse Osmosis Solution removes molecules of mineral deposites smaller than the water molecules themselves!! RO leaves nothing behind but a crystal clear screen.

The unique synthetic suede cloth provided is the perfect super-soft material for cleaning screens. It's highly absorbent and quick-drying. I felt safe using it on our electronics knowing that it won't scratch the screens. The best part was realizing just how dirty the screen had been, because after using Clean Screen our laptop screen was so clear! And all the fingerprints, dust, etc. was completely washed away.

These can all be cleaned with Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen - a must have for families in the 21st century!!

Make sure to turn off the screen before using Clean Screen, and the screen should be cool to the touch. For a small screen you barely need to use any of the solution for great results, only 1 spray! A flatscreen TV would need 2-4 sprays, but this was still a lot less than I had expected to need to use. After you finish cleaning, you can just rinse the cloth in warm water and let it dry - a great green alternative that will save you paper towels that aren't safe to use on your electronics anyways!

You can also use this solution on CDs and DVDs, which won't play correctly unless they are clean. I liked that Clean Screen was a really simple to use cleaning system for electronics, and I can rely on it to be safe and get the job done. At under $10 this is a great alternative to more expensive cleaners that might only come in smaller amounts. Clean Screen provids you with enough formula to have around for a while, and the viewing experience is made so much better on all your electronics. Not One Ordinary Moment recommends getting some Clean Screen to give all your electronics a boost! No suggestions here - Clean Screen is awesome!!

Scott's Liquid Gold is a trusted household-cleaning brand will some great new products for electronics!

Scott's Liquid Gold is better known for wood cleaner and preservative products, but after trying out Clean Screen we will definitely be looking to Scott's Liquid Gold for other products in the future - they also sell wood wash and mold control products!!