Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am going to Miami for two months...say what??

Alright, so this post is going to be a lot like one of my other posts on the same topic: Six weeks and Craving Tomatoes...Say What??

This previous post was about a facebook look-up game that I had been confused about, looked up, discovered the answer, and shared with all of you! Well now the same thing is going on again, this time with status updates like "I'm moving to Austria for 27 months!" and I just had to know the answer!

I was confused when my FB friend said she was moving to Miami!

Obviously, the people I was seeing these status updates from were not really planning on going anywhere for any amount of time. Here's how the game works:

The idea is to use your birthdate,
month and day only, no year!
Write: "I am going to live in _______
(see below) for _______
Ex. if your BD was on February
14th, then
" I am going to live n London for
14 months!!!!
January - Mexico
February - London
March - Miami
April - Dominican Republic
May - France
June - St. Petersburg
July - Austria
August - Germany
September - New York
October - Amsterdam
November - Las Vegas
December - Columbia
This time I'm moving to New York (only my favorite place in the world, by coincidence!) for 29 months! Oh how I would love that!! Where are you moving? Comment below!!


  1. I'm also in Miami :) Neat idea :)
    -Clarissa D