Friday, February 17, 2012

Ebeanstalk Website Review!
A great company out to supply your child with great gifts!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to review a wonderful online hotspot for toys and gifts for kids - Ebeanstalk!!!

Homepage - The Ebeanstalk homepage has so much information! You can search for toys on the sidebar by the child's age. A rotating info/picture box is filled with information about the store and  is very eye catching; you can find everything from the experts who reviewed the toys to gift ideas for kids of all ages using a gift finder! On the Ebeanstalk homepage you are able to search by brand, category, browse by age or even "wow factor", as well as the top searched categories.

Harper-Collins Big Words for Little People

There are so many ways to find the perfect toy, and ebeanstalk is great for gift giving. At the same time, searching the site could be tedious: you could be searching through thousands of toys by all different ways and have trouble picking just one. I did love all the pictures on the homepage; you can see there's a huge variety of toys offered from the moment you get to the site. Ebeanstalk isn't a brand; they sell other top brands that experts have compiled for them based on criteria. I was really pleased to see recognized and trusted brands, such as Melissa and Doug! The Ebeanstalk homepage is a bit crowded but overall very nice. The one thing I'd rather see is a "search by age" drop-down bar than to see every age listed out, with a boy or girl option, on the side.

Kumon KUMON - Ready for Kindergarten Verbal Skills
This would have been perfect for our family last September!

Toys for all ages: What I liked about browsing through the toys was that Ebeanstalk will tell you up front the customer rating, price, targetted age, and if the toy's in stock. The large pictures of the toys are a real plus! Sometimes there's an option to view a video for a certain toy. I just have to say, there was SO MUCH to choose from! Any gift chosen through Ebeanstalk is sure to be a good one, the hardest part is choosing from the great seelction. There are great toys for all different kinds of kids, with lots of arts and crafts selections - great for fostering creativity!

Wizard of Oz Musical Tin Tea Set - available at!

My cousin's daughter is three, so I thought I'd browse for a gift for a 3 year old. Ebeanstalk has the great selection that you need to find a gift for a 3 year old! I LOVE the wizard of oz musical tin tea set. This is something I would have loved when I was little. A gift for a 3 year old on Ebeanstalk is sure to be super cute, but I loved this tea set the most! It's classic and looks like a ton of fun! Ebeanstalk toys that won't break and are high quality, which is what most people want when they go to buy toys. Ebeanstalk is a great place to buy a gift for a 3 year old, and I will definitely be purchasing some for our favorite baby cousin! You can find the Tea Set that I love here:

Books by Eric Carle will delight your preschooler!

Children's Books: Again, this category had a little of an information overload, but it was all very interesting! Each category has a summary of the process Ebeanstlk went through to choose products in that category. The children's books on Ebeanstalk are based on whether they are open-minded, well written and illustrated, and age-appropriate. I liked that the term "good for all ages" is frowned upon by Ebeanstalk; recognizing that children's books can be personalized just as much as anything is awesome! Our family is a big Books by Eric Carle fan. We were so pleased to see Books by Eric Carle on Ebeanstalk! Ebeanstalk offers library sets as well as individual Books by Eric Carle. These would make a great baby gift!!

I would have loved this fancy jewelry set when I was little!
 Fun toys by Alex:  I chose the brand-name Toys by Alex to browse for our five-year old.My first thought was that there were so many crafts, all perfectly age appropriate for Angie! Many of the Toys by Alex crafts were very creative, such as a headband making set! The fun toys by Alex that I viewed were so different than just an average paint-by-number set or something: the best part is that all the fun toys by Alex have been tested for age appropriateness, durability, and play value! Ebeanstalk provides a ton of information about the toys is sells, so I know I would be getting a good product no matter what I buy. The summary of fun toys by Alex talks all about safety as well as the ways in which these toys and craft sets go beyond basic art supplies. Fun toys by Alex also offers toys for imagination play! I loved the "My Super Knot a Quilt" set! Fun toys by Alex include many sets that are super original and would make great mommy-and-me or sister-and-me projects that encourage creative activity!!

There are great gifts for girls ages newborn to pre-teen!

Other/Miscelaneous: Ebeanstalk also offers a clearance section, safety information, and doesn't have adds being thrust in your face. There are so many options for information on each individual toy or craft that I know I would not need to return anything I ever bought from Ebeanstalk. The site has an option for gift cards and birthday reminders, as well as a main search bar at the top. This feature is perfect if you'd rather search by keyword than try to narrow down your search by using all the tabs. These are helpful but can get out of hand; I found I could spend hours on the site trying to find the perfect toy and get caught up browsing!

Overall: Ebeanstalk is super informational when it comes to the best toys and gifts for kids! I would DEFINITELY use and recommend Ebeanstalk as a high quality online source to buy toys and gifts for kids of all ages. Moms will trust it and kids will love the toys! I would definitely buy birthday and christmas gifts on Ebeanstalk in the futre; every toy I saw looked fun, high-quality, and as if it encouraged imagination and creativity. These are definitely the kind of toys I want in my house and would feel very comfortable giving any of these toys as gifts to a friend's child! Not One Ordinary Moment recommends Ebeanstalk!!

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