Sunday, February 5, 2012

What your top ten movies say about you!

Everyone has a top ten list of their all-time favorite movies. But these movies may say more about your personality than you think! Here's what I've discovered about myself by listing my top ten favorite movies.

10. Toy Story 2 - This is a classic and my absolute favorite pixar movie! Songs such as "When she loved me" and "You've got a friend in me" seal the deal. As one of my favorite movies, this shows my love for my childhood and how much I value memories of growing up.

9. Schindler's List - To be honest, the first time I saw this movie I couldn't sleep that night. I'm a huge history buff, and I've probably seen every Holocaust movie ever made. This is an amazing story and such a tear jerker. And it's true!

8. Sweeney Todd - Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are two of my favorite actors! This is one of my favorite musicals, the story and music are amazing. Love it.

7. Mary Poppins - Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, need I say more? I grew up with this one, a classic.

6. The Wizard of Oz - This should be on everyone's favorite movie list. As the first color motion picture, this is a little slice of America in the '30s. Judy Garland is a goddess.

5. Oliver! - Again, another musical! See how your list says so much about you? I cry every time I head "Where is Love," and I probably quote this movie once a week. Such a great story, and the dance numbers are amazing.

4. The Notebook - Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are also two of my favorite actors. This story is such a tear jerker and it's set in the '40s, so it goes with my history-buff-love-story-buff theme. I could watch this all day.

3. Home Alone - I can't count how many times I've seen this movie, and it still makes me laugh. I consider this one of the best family comedys of all time. It doesn't get better than Kevin and the Wet Bandits!

2. Back To The Future - Marty McFly and Doc, the time-traveling inventor go back in time to save the future. This story, along with BTTF 2 and 3, will keep you on the edge of your seat. No matter how old I get I will always enjoy this movie. "We're going back, Marty. the future!"

1. Titanic - If you know me at all, you know that I can pretty much quote this entire movie from memory. It is my absolute favorite movie of all time. Again with the history, the love, and the tears. Again with the suspence. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are stunning. "Titanic was called the ship of dreams...and it was, it really was."

So what does my list say about me? I love history, especially American history. I love musicals. I don't need a happy ending to love a movie, but sometimes a happy ending is nice. I love cheesy movies. I love to laugh. I'd rather watch the movies I grew up with than any new movie. I love watching the greats - Judy, Julie, Leo, Kate, Rachel, Ryan, Johnny, Helena. I like to be amazed and swept away by a story! What does your top ten list say about you? What's your favorite movie ever??


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