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Review: Bikini Lab bathing suit from Manhattan Beachwear, Inc!!!!

We LOVE the beach. Almost any day of the summer, you will find us a couple miles down the road on our very own beach right here in Kennebunk, Maine! Nothing feels more like summer to me than laying on a towel, smelling the salty air, and hearing the rush of the waves crashing on the sand. For some people it's finally summer when the kids get out of school, but for this family summer begins with brand new bathing suits. Not One Ordinary Moment received an adorable juniors's bathing suit to review by Bikini Lab, and we encourage you all to look to Manhattan Beachwear for new bathing suits summer 2012
Manhattan Beachwear makes it SO SIMPLE to order bathing suits online. They have over 15 high-end brands to choose from that offer bathing suits for juniors and adults. We were lucky enough to receive a fabulous suit from Bikini Lab! Neither of us had heard of this brand, but we checked in out and love their cute suits for juniors! Suits from Bikini Lab can be ordered in separates, so we were able to get a top and bottom that were separate sizes, ensuring that they would fit!! Check out some of our favorite suits from Bikini Lab by Manhattan Beachwear below:

 Opening the package, C and I were delighted to see this adorable suit inside (pictured below.) I love that suits from Bikini Lab with Manhattan Beachwear are really unique! We love that the suits are inspired by pop culture and the latest fashion trends, perfect bathing suits for juniors! The crochetted daisies are super cute, and we love that the edges of the suit are ruffled! The suit itself is black and is grazed with all different flowers that overlap. We love that this suit is fun and flirty enough for a teen but sophisticated as well!
This is the suit "C" got to keep!!!

The fit of the suit is great. The top doesn't have annoying underwire, which we loved, yet the padding is very supportive and is more than enough to keep "the girls" covered! C ordered a large top and a small bikini bottom, and both fit very well. A great quality of this bathing suit is the draw strings, which can be adjusted before every wearing. The material of the suit is very high-quality, and after wearing it tanning in the 80-degree weather we had last week, the colors still look brand new! Although the label warns that the colors may fade after excessive exposure, that's typical of any suit and cannot be helped. I love the mint green of the leaves, while C loves the blues!

The inside of this Bikini Lab swimsuit is pink, and the elastic material is great for a tight fit. The trouble with finding the fight bikini is that girls want something flattering that shows skin, but not too much skin. The cups of the bikini top can be adjusted along the string, which is great for girls of all shapes and sizes. The multi-colors of this suit will flatter girls no matter how tan they are.

The pattern of this suit is so fun and flity, and definitely very "in" this summer. Florals are great and different that the typical striped or polka-dotted bikini. Unlike many lesser-quality suits, this suit is very supportive and is well worth the price for durability and style. It's mortifying to have the same suit as someone else, as C tells me, so unique suits by Manhattan Beachwear definitely take care of that problem!!


About Manhattan Beachwear Brands: Manhattan Beachwear, Inc is a leading manufacturer of women's swimwear. Manhattan Beachwear, Inc is based in Cypress, California and designs, manufactures and markets La Blanca, 2 Bamboo, The Bikini Lab, 24th & Ocean and Maxine of Hollywood as well as private label merchandise. In addition, Manhattan Beachwear, Inc holds the licenses for Ralph Lauren, Lauren Ralph Lauren, ABS, Puma, Trina Turk, Hobie, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole New York, Sofia by ViX, Hermanny by ViX, Modern Amusement and Nanette Lepore Swim.

Bikini Lab is designed with juniors in mind, but Manhattan Beachwear offers suits for women of all shapes and ages. I was delighted to see brands such as Ralph Lauren and Puma, and had the chance to check out suits by some fun new brands, such as 24th and Ocean and La Blanca! Check out some other great suits sold by Manhattan Beachwear below:

Manhattan Beachwear offers suits in a variety of prices, but don't let the price tage scare you away. Yes, bathing suits come cheaper, but with Manhattan Beachwear you are getting a level of quality, comfort, and design that cannot be matched. I'd much rather have one great suit from Manahattan Beachwear than 2 or 3 from anywear else, and C agrees!!

Not One Ordinary Moment definitely reccommends Manhattan Beachwear for women's bathing suits, junior's bathing suits, and beachwear in general! As well as bathing suits, some labels from Manhattan Beachwear offer other great clothing as well! I love this beach cover from Kenneth Cole Reaction!

Visit Manhattan Beachwear's website and browse through all their great brands! Suits by Manhattan Beachwear Brands can be found in some wonderful stores in your local mall, as well as online, such as Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Lord and Taylor, and many more. Checkout for a complete list of where to find these fabulous suits!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Low entry Go Fish game giveaway! Enter here! 29 entries so far!!

Hello all! There are only 29 entries so far in my Go Fish for Ancient Egypt giveaway from Birdcage Press. If you're looking for an easy win, enter away! This giveaway is open until April 2nd, so there's plenty of time. Don't wait, enter now! This low entry kid's stuff giveaway is a great one to enter, plus you get to learn all about Birdcage Press. 29 entries is nothing, so I really encourage you to enter! 



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Closed: Review/Giveaway: Games from Birdcage Press!!

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to winner Missy L.!!! Please check out Birdcage Press and Become a follower of my blog ------->

Education is the backbone of a sound democracy, and I shudder at the thought of times when five and six year olds were lectured to in an effort to teach them English or math. Today, we know that people are all different types of learners, and that younger students best retain information when they learn it interactively-thus the removal of the lecture from the kindergarten classroom. As far as games that incorporate learning in fun new ways, there isn't a company that does it better than Birdcage Press!!

Games by Birdcage Press are based on favorite games that most kids already know, but with an added educational twist! The best part about these games is that the learning is "hidden" within the games, through pictures, words, descriptions, and the companion book, so kids learn without even thinking about it. Many of the games are focused on art, animals, or foreign places, so kids are encouraged to expand their horizons and get creative! The games don't talk down to kids, as many games for children do, so I had just as much fun playing these as Angie did. With games like these, there's no need to go out and spend a ton of money on a Wii or an iPad to bring the family together: these inexpensive games will get the whole family involved!!

Birdcage Press games are featured in museum giftshops all over the country. Since they depict porfessional photographs of art and artifacts from all over the world, there's no longer a need to leave your living room to view some fabulous art! Games such as Go Fish for Impressionist Artists teach children and adults all about the history, style, and artists behind some of history's most famous art. Buying these famous art games before a family trip to an art museum will help children to recognize the art and remember it when they get back home.
We received three wonderful games to review and enjoy from Birdcage Press. The first one we tried out was Go Fish for Ancient Egypt! This game uses the format of regular Go Fish to incorporate all kinds of interesting facts about Ancient Egyptian culture! Each card in the game is filled with information and completed with a beautfiul picture of a god or artifact. The beautiful colors of the game and the companion book really captivated Angie's attension, and she wanted to know everything about each card she picked up. She even recognized the word Pharoah from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat! I would highly recommend this game - Angie and I BOTH learned a lot from it, and kids are sure to learn more every time they play it. The companion book is an amazing tool for learning, and older children will be able to use it to further explore their interests in Egyptian culture, while it reads almost like a storybook for younger kids!

The next game we opened was Wild Cards: Backyard Birds. We used these cards to play Memory, Old Maid, and even a little more Go Fish. Living in Maine, I was delighted to recognize many of the birds we see outside in the warmer months, and Angie recognized a few right away too! We loved having this game on our coffee table where we could pick it up and be playing in seconds. This game has amazing photographs of songbirds, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, you name it! Kids of all ages can learn memory, concentration, stategy, reading, and similarities recognition, all while learning about birds they see at their own bird feeders. Learning is fun and takes no effort at all with the Backyard Birds card set! The companion book for this game was very informative, and told us where to look out for the birds, as well as what they eat and where they build their nests!

Our third game from Birdcage Press is Art Ditto! This is a memory-style game where children find matches of all different famous works of art and place them in categories. All I could think of while playing this game with Angie was that it would make a great tool for art teachers - from kindergarten through middle school! I loved that this game introduced Angie to the world of art, and I'm hoping she'll remember some of these works and be able to regonize them when she sees them again! This game won the Creative Child Game of the Year, and helps children to learn skills such as memory, matching, classification, viual processing, and sharing! An added touch is that on the top of the art-collecting cards, where children place their matches into categories, there are Category titles in four different languages! Angie takes Spanish at the elementary school and really liked learning words like "Cat" in Spanish, as well as French and German! This game really helped Angie to learn that there is such a broad range of art, and that the same object can be shown in so many ways! Once again, this was a great game for parents and kids, and we both learned a ton while enjoying some beautiful art!

Learn about the Renaissance while playing educational Go Fish and other favorite card games.
Games by Birdcage Press are perfect games for the classroom. Teachers from Kindergarten through Middle School can use games such as Go Fish for Ancient Egypt to teach history to students who need interaction to learn. While studying for a test, games such as Go Fish for Renaissance Artists will really help students to review and get an intuitive sense of what society was like in the 1400's through the eyes of some of the world's best artists! There are so many games offered that there's sure to be a game for everyone; from games based on planes or dinosaurs to games for lovers of baby animals, you're sure to find a great present for the little boy or girl in your life. I would feel confident giving any of these games as a gift to a friend's child, knowing that they are no only appropriate but teach children so much! Above all, these games are super fun for parents and kids, and no matter how much you think you know about a topic you're sure to learn more from Birdcage Press!
American Art Ditto
Buy It: Not One Ordinary Moment highly reccommends purchasing any and all of the games from Birdcage Press; you won't regret it! Plan ahead for the next birthday party or teacher gift and check out these fabulous family-friendly games. The games can be purchased online at and their shipping is super speedy!

Win It: One lucky winner will receive the first game I reviewed, Go Fish for Ancient Egypt! This giveaway will end April 2nd at 11:59pm and is open to U.S. entrants. For your mandatory entry you must do the following (leave one comment for the mandatory entry, please):

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*I received a set of three games to review, all opinions expressed are my own