Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen!!!

From TVs, to laptops, to iPhones, to iPads - every family has droves of electronics. These can all be so much fun (I know I enjoy watching Netflix on our iPad,) but the fun comes to a screeching halt when the screens of your electronics get too dirty to use. Then what do you do?? Who knows the correct way to clean electronics, without having to google it online, and then go out and find a product you might not even trust???

Introducing Clean Screen by Scott's Liquid Gold. Scott's Liquid Gold is a name every family knows (they make the wood cleaner!) and can trust. Their new product to clean electronic screens works wonders! The kit comes with a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. It is especially intended for today's valuable electronics, and the direcctions are easy to use to ensure the safety of your most valuable toys!

Clean Screen can be found at Wal-Mart!

We first tried Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen on a laptop. Before we started, I really noticed the design of the Clean Screen packaging. What I loved about the packaging was that on the side of the box, all the different types of electronics that you can clean with Clean Screen were shown in picture form, for quick understanding! From Flatscreen TVs, to computer monitors, MP3 players, cameras, portable video plays to cell phones, Clean Screen will clear up any screen for better viewing and more fun!

Clean Screen comes as wipes as well, perfect for smaller electronics!!

Clean Screen contains no alcohol and no amonia, so it's SUPER SAFE for all your electronics. You simply spray the orange cloth provided, and the Reverse Osmosis Solution removes molecules of mineral deposites smaller than the water molecules themselves!! RO leaves nothing behind but a crystal clear screen.

The unique synthetic suede cloth provided is the perfect super-soft material for cleaning screens. It's highly absorbent and quick-drying. I felt safe using it on our electronics knowing that it won't scratch the screens. The best part was realizing just how dirty the screen had been, because after using Clean Screen our laptop screen was so clear! And all the fingerprints, dust, etc. was completely washed away.

These can all be cleaned with Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen - a must have for families in the 21st century!!

Make sure to turn off the screen before using Clean Screen, and the screen should be cool to the touch. For a small screen you barely need to use any of the solution for great results, only 1 spray! A flatscreen TV would need 2-4 sprays, but this was still a lot less than I had expected to need to use. After you finish cleaning, you can just rinse the cloth in warm water and let it dry - a great green alternative that will save you paper towels that aren't safe to use on your electronics anyways!

You can also use this solution on CDs and DVDs, which won't play correctly unless they are clean. I liked that Clean Screen was a really simple to use cleaning system for electronics, and I can rely on it to be safe and get the job done. At under $10 this is a great alternative to more expensive cleaners that might only come in smaller amounts. Clean Screen provids you with enough formula to have around for a while, and the viewing experience is made so much better on all your electronics. Not One Ordinary Moment recommends getting some Clean Screen to give all your electronics a boost! No suggestions here - Clean Screen is awesome!!

Scott's Liquid Gold is a trusted household-cleaning brand will some great new products for electronics!

Scott's Liquid Gold is better known for wood cleaner and preservative products, but after trying out Clean Screen we will definitely be looking to Scott's Liquid Gold for other products in the future - they also sell wood wash and mold control products!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review: Better than False Lashes (Mascara System) by Too Faced!!

If there's one thing that I know about false eyelashes, it's that they are IMPOSSIBLE to put on. The glue gets everywhere, and you risk them falling off before the night's over! The dilemma is, false lashes look so glamorous, and they're a favorite for stage actresses as well. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a mascara system that enhanced your eyelashes to make it appear as if you were flaunting perfectly applied false lashes? Well now there is!! I'm introducing Better than False Lashes by Too Faced cosmetics, the mascara system that will transform your eyelashes!!

Too Faced Brand is a well-known name within the beauty world for really high quality makeup without sky-high prices!! Too Faced sells everything beauty related, from primer to shimmer and everything in between! I was super excited to review something by Too Faced because while I knew all about the brand from friends who absolutely adore it, I didn't know anything about Too Faced Yet. I love that quality and presentation are huge parts of the Too Faced brand, because those are really important to me. Too Faced will ensure that you are treated like a princess from the moment you order from them!

I really did feel like a princess when I received my Too Faced box and opened it. I love the presentation and the pink packing peanuts were awesome! The box that my Better than False Lashes came in was really cool because of it's girly design, and also because of all the information on it! Right from the box, you learn that the Better than False lashes mascara makes your lashes look 98% longer! I would describe the box as simple and elegant, and the inside of the box was just as classy!

I loved the product packaging. The Too Faced Better than False Lashes system consists of the mascara and the nylon lash extension system! I would actually describe the mascara tube as elegant, which sounds silly, but if you've ever bough anything from Too Faced then you'll know what I'm talking about! I love the sleekness of the gold casing and the beautiful black cursive on the outside. The companion nylon lash tube completes the set and is equally as appealing to the eyes! I couldn't wait to try these out!

I loved the length of the mascara brush, as well as it's shape. It's long enough to give great volume and shaped to really create the perfect long lashes without clumping! The Better than False Lashes system is super easy to apply, nothing like those awful fake lashes with the glue!! In three easy steps, this system creates amazing long-lasting lashes that are just as long as fake lashes! Step one is to apply the dark black mascara as a primer on your lashes. Simple, right?

Step two is to use the nylon lash extension tube, which is essentially another mascara brush except instead of brushing on mascara you brush on a nylon extending syrum that makes you lashes super long!! I thought there would be something complicated, but there was nothing to applying this step! The feel of the nylon extension brush is actually totally fine, and it's just like applying another mascara! You can feel the weight of your longer lashes immediately, although I wouldn't describe it as a "heavy," feeling, just present. Finally, you finish by applying the same mascara that you used as a primer, but this time you can really cover your lashes!!! It's that simple. Check out this amazing tutorial of Better than False Lashes:

As I've been saying, the quality of Too Faced Cosmetics really can not be beaten. This mascara doesn't give me any clumps, and it's easy to apply. I love the jet-black color of the mascara, and since my eyes are green I love the way the color compliments my eyes! One of the best features of this mascara system is that it lasts SO LONG! At the end of the day, my mascara still looks just like it did when I applied it, and sometimes I really have to use a lot of remover to get it off, a good thing!

As far as value, I really feel that you get the most for your money with the Too Faced Better than False Lashes system. Instead of wasting money on cheaper mascaras that don't last or clump, or buying false lashes just to have to throw them away, I would reccommend buying this system! Above all, it's really fun to use and I feel great wearing it, knowing my eyes look great!

I really can't think of a way to improve the Too Faced Better than False Lashes system. From outside presentation to the final product, this is my new favorite mascara by far! I love the amazing length this mascara system gives to my lashes, and I also love the quality of the actual mascara tubes. Not One Ordinary Moment definitely recommends purchasing the Too Faced Better than False Lashes system!!
Buy It: There are SO MANY products I love on the Too Faced Website, and I invite you all to really check them out! Too Faced Cosmetics are the perfect thing to pamper yourself with, but they also make a great gift! You really can't beat the quality of makeup and overall presentation of Too Faced. As well as makeup, Too Faced carries accessories like bags and brushes as well. One of my favorite feautres of their website is the interactive How-To videos, as well as the beauty trend alerts presented by stylists and makeup artists!! Check them out, and buy yourself something great!

Here are some new Summer products from Too Faced!!
Summer Eye Summertime Sexy Shadow CollectionCandlelight Glow Highlighting Powder DuoChocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder
 Royal Oil Coconut Oil Body Bronzer With Mangosteen Extract
There are a bunch of great ways to stay in touch with Too Faced! One is to visit their website all the time, and check out their great promotions and products. You can Like Too Faced on Facebook by clicking here: It's easy to follow Too Faced on Twitter right here:!/toofaced Too Faced on Youtube offers some great beauty tutorials that I know you'll love! You can also stay in touch through Pinterest, Google Plus, and Instagram!  

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's an article sharing day...Death by skin cancer at only 26!

I've never used a tanning bed, and I don't think I ever want to. Don't go tanning and wear sunscreen, that's the message I got from this article about a young woman who died from melanoma at only 26 because of excessive exposure to the sun!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

These are the days to remember...

This is just the way of theatre: so much rejection for so long, just for that one day when you get a part!! Well, that day was today for me!! I got the part I really wanted in a production of Moliere's The Miser! Today was a wonderful day, and it reminds me why I do what I do, something I often forget in moments of rejection.

This is why I love theatre.

It just goes to show that getting cut or getting a smaller part doesn't prove anything about talent or ability. Today everything just came together and worked out, but so often it doesn't! Today made me think of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. In the end, when everything works out after so many ups and downs, the song "These are the Days to Remember" plays in the background.

I feel like that's the soundtrack to my life recently. I've been very very lucky this week, getting this part and getting everything in line for my summer job at the Arundel Barn Playhouse (if you live near Kennebunkport buy tickets!!) These are the days I need to keep in mind when other things aren't going so great. These are the days I'm going to look back on and remember, not the bad days.

There are no small parts, only small actors, I firmly believe that.

But when you've waited a while...there's no harm in having a big part!! I couldn't be happier!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Pathwords Jr. by Thinkfun

I love board games, from Monopoly to Life! So when I hear about new family board games, I love to try them out. Games that teach skills such as reason and vocabulary are even better for family fun! Our family recently got to test out an amazing game by Thinkfun, Pathwords jr.! If you're looking for a reading board game or a children's reading game, this is it!

Thinkfun's mission is to "Ignite Your Mind!" which I absolutely love! Thinkfun is a leading creator of games that incorporate reason and thinking into fun creative play. They are the creator of games such as Rush Hour, a game we already own and have so much fun with! The company has won hundreds of prestigious awards for their games, and Pathwords specifically has won the 2012 Games Magazine Game of the Year, the 2011 ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award, and the 2011 Creative Child Magazine Puzzle of the Year Award, among others!!

We gave Angie Pathwords jr. for her birthday this past week, and have had so much fun playing with her. When you open Pathwords, you immediately notice how much effort was put into designing this learning game to be safe, fun, and easily storable! The six colorful puzzle pieces as well as the card booklet can be stored within the plastic container that serves as the super cool game board!! This is something I love about Thinkfun toys: they are designed to be easy to play, travel with, and store, making them ideal for families like ours who's game cabinets are filled to the brim!

Pathwords jr. is geared towards children ages 6+. The object of the game is to solve simple crossword puzzles by covering words with colorful puzzle pieces so that all of the words on any given game play card are covered. Pathwords comes with a booklet of word puzzles, ranging in difficulty from begginner to expert. Angie just turned six and can read simple words, and we found that the begginner cards were really right at her level. She recognized words like cats, dogs, and rats, and was able to use logic and spacial recognition skills to match puzzle pieces with words she couldn't read!

Pathwords jr. is a great skill-based board game. It builds a child's reading, vocabulary, categorization, and spacial recognition skills. The words on any given card are grouped into categories, helping children to learn new words and make connections between words they may have already known. Each of the six puzzle pieces has a different shape, and Angie learned to recognize which piece might fit over a certain word, since the words can be found going forwards, backwards, and up and down corners. Silly clues with fun pictures make each game-play card unique!
Not One Ordinary Moment highly reccomends games from Thinkfun, especially Pathwords jr.! The skill-based children's games made by this wonderful company are very high-quality and are unique in their game play! Pathwords is a game that is played like a cross-word puzzle, which is so unique and fun! Thinkfun games help children to build valuable skills while being so fun for the whole family! Learning games by Thinkfun help children to learn skills and continue to build them by offering many levels of play. Thinkfun games are ideal travel games and car games since they are so compact; everything we needed could fit right inside the gameboard when we were done!

Pathwords jr. is also a great classroom game! Teachers will like the no-mess design, and the game can easily be played by groups of children, who will also be building the vital skill of sharing! Parents looking for a classroom gift to give should definitely think of purchasing Pathwords jr.!

Pathwords jr. would be a wonderful gift to get that special child in your life for their next birthday, or during the holiday season. This is a game that parents can rely on and that gift-givers can feel good about giving. Since it can be played individually or as a group by taking turns, children are able to occupy themselves with this learning game. Overall, this game is really fun to play and is suitable for a wide range of ages; the feeling of doing well by completing a puzzle is one that every child should experience!

BUY IT: To purchase Pathwords jr., please head over to Thinkfun by clicking here: Thinkfun offers a variety of fun toys for all ages, and is a great company to browse when looking for a cool addition to the family game collection! Some of my other personal favorites are Rush Hour and Aha! Square Fit. Thinkfun has a whole section of junior games for younger kids, and you can even play games online. Definitely check this company out, you will be impressed!!!
Here's a tutorial for another great game by Thinkfun!!

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