Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review: Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen!!!

From TVs, to laptops, to iPhones, to iPads - every family has droves of electronics. These can all be so much fun (I know I enjoy watching Netflix on our iPad,) but the fun comes to a screeching halt when the screens of your electronics get too dirty to use. Then what do you do?? Who knows the correct way to clean electronics, without having to google it online, and then go out and find a product you might not even trust???

Introducing Clean Screen by Scott's Liquid Gold. Scott's Liquid Gold is a name every family knows (they make the wood cleaner!) and can trust. Their new product to clean electronic screens works wonders! The kit comes with a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. It is especially intended for today's valuable electronics, and the direcctions are easy to use to ensure the safety of your most valuable toys!

Clean Screen can be found at Wal-Mart!

We first tried Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen on a laptop. Before we started, I really noticed the design of the Clean Screen packaging. What I loved about the packaging was that on the side of the box, all the different types of electronics that you can clean with Clean Screen were shown in picture form, for quick understanding! From Flatscreen TVs, to computer monitors, MP3 players, cameras, portable video plays to cell phones, Clean Screen will clear up any screen for better viewing and more fun!

Clean Screen comes as wipes as well, perfect for smaller electronics!!

Clean Screen contains no alcohol and no amonia, so it's SUPER SAFE for all your electronics. You simply spray the orange cloth provided, and the Reverse Osmosis Solution removes molecules of mineral deposites smaller than the water molecules themselves!! RO leaves nothing behind but a crystal clear screen.

The unique synthetic suede cloth provided is the perfect super-soft material for cleaning screens. It's highly absorbent and quick-drying. I felt safe using it on our electronics knowing that it won't scratch the screens. The best part was realizing just how dirty the screen had been, because after using Clean Screen our laptop screen was so clear! And all the fingerprints, dust, etc. was completely washed away.

These can all be cleaned with Scott's Liquid Gold Clean Screen - a must have for families in the 21st century!!

Make sure to turn off the screen before using Clean Screen, and the screen should be cool to the touch. For a small screen you barely need to use any of the solution for great results, only 1 spray! A flatscreen TV would need 2-4 sprays, but this was still a lot less than I had expected to need to use. After you finish cleaning, you can just rinse the cloth in warm water and let it dry - a great green alternative that will save you paper towels that aren't safe to use on your electronics anyways!

You can also use this solution on CDs and DVDs, which won't play correctly unless they are clean. I liked that Clean Screen was a really simple to use cleaning system for electronics, and I can rely on it to be safe and get the job done. At under $10 this is a great alternative to more expensive cleaners that might only come in smaller amounts. Clean Screen provids you with enough formula to have around for a while, and the viewing experience is made so much better on all your electronics. Not One Ordinary Moment recommends getting some Clean Screen to give all your electronics a boost! No suggestions here - Clean Screen is awesome!!

Scott's Liquid Gold is a trusted household-cleaning brand will some great new products for electronics!

Scott's Liquid Gold is better known for wood cleaner and preservative products, but after trying out Clean Screen we will definitely be looking to Scott's Liquid Gold for other products in the future - they also sell wood wash and mold control products!!

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