Thursday, April 12, 2012

These are the days to remember...

This is just the way of theatre: so much rejection for so long, just for that one day when you get a part!! Well, that day was today for me!! I got the part I really wanted in a production of Moliere's The Miser! Today was a wonderful day, and it reminds me why I do what I do, something I often forget in moments of rejection.

This is why I love theatre.

It just goes to show that getting cut or getting a smaller part doesn't prove anything about talent or ability. Today everything just came together and worked out, but so often it doesn't! Today made me think of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. In the end, when everything works out after so many ups and downs, the song "These are the Days to Remember" plays in the background.

I feel like that's the soundtrack to my life recently. I've been very very lucky this week, getting this part and getting everything in line for my summer job at the Arundel Barn Playhouse (if you live near Kennebunkport buy tickets!!) These are the days I need to keep in mind when other things aren't going so great. These are the days I'm going to look back on and remember, not the bad days.

There are no small parts, only small actors, I firmly believe that.

But when you've waited a while...there's no harm in having a big part!! I couldn't be happier!!

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