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Lunaling Capri Review: Wear these comfortable workout capris and watch the inches melt away!

As someone who is pretty active, I love trying out new workout wear whenever I get the chance. In fact, whether it's a new sports bra or pair of sweats, I get an extra motivation to workout when I have something exciting and new to wear! Well, that has definitely been my experience with the Lunaling Capri workout capris I received to review. These capris are super comfy, and knowing that their special technology is helping me to lose inches has given me great motivation!!
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How it works:
The following is a product description from the Lunaling website. Check it out to learn all about the cool technology behind these capris!!
Get smoother, softer skin and lose weight in style with Lunaling Capri. They feel cosy and sleek, hugging you gently from tummy to calves.
Using technology proven to help you lose weight during exercise, Lunaling helps you get the body you want. Suitable for any exercise (or just for wearing around the house), the Capris use your natural body temperature to increase the heat around the areas you care about most (legs, thighs, bum and tum).
In fabric tests, women wearing Lunaling lost weight 4x faster in 30 minutes than they did doing the same exercise with normal gym clothes!
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And now for my review:
Let me start by saying that I LOVE these capris! They are sleek black and are very comfortable to wear, even if you're just lounging around the house. I found myself throwing them on at night or just to do some light housework, because their technology works to increase your body heat even when you aren't doing intense excercising!
I feel very confident wearing these capris. They are very form fitting, and go from my mid-shin to my belly button, so they are a little more high-waisted than my regular workout capris. The material feels a little like wetsuit material, so that was another immediate difference to my normal workout wear that I noticed. Although the material is clearly thicker, this in no way takes away from the capris. The material is super comfortable and is not itchy, nor does it leave a rash or residue on my skin. It was clear to me from the moment I put these capris on that they were very well made!
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I have been wearing these capris to my weekly dance classes and workout classes for about two weeks now. I absolutely love them! My skin feels soft and smooth when I take them off, and I know they're working because I can feel that my target areas get hotter during workouts! Friends have commented on my Lunaling capris and asked where I got them. I would definitely recommend these for both women who love the gym or dance classes, and those looking for some new capris to jog or walk in!!
I received these in a size small, and I would say they are very true to size. Remember though that these are high-wasted, so if you prefer to wear them as capris that only go up to your hips it might be good to purchase a size-smaller than you normally do. Either way, you won't be dissapointed!
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Lunaling has a whole line of wonderful products that I would definitely recommend you give a look to. Lunaling shorts would be great for a summer workout or dance class, and since these are also high wasted you can continue to target certain areas of your body without dying from over-heating in the summer!
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This picture, provided by the Lunaling website, it very cool and is pretty compelling as to why Lunaling is so trusted by women all over the world! You can see from the picture that on average, women lose weight 4x easier with Lunaling workout wear than they do when using normal workout clothes!
how it works
Buy it! To purchase Lunaling, you can visit the Lunaling website here: This workout wear is great to kick yourself into high gear this spring and summer, and would also make a great gift for a workout-loving friend or loved one! College girls will love wearing Lunaling to the gym with friends, and moms can wear Lunaling to get their daily activities done. No matter where you decide to wear these cool capris, rest easy knowing that the inches will just melt off!!

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