Sunday, June 16, 2013

Looking for Products for a Dorm-Decor Product Review Series!

Hi All! I'm sooo excited to be a Northeastern Husky this fall, and I want to share my excitement with you by reviewing some fun products for college girls!
This is where you come in. I need your help thinking of fun products I can review, and maybe even give away!
I'm looking for suggestions of products that most girls (and guys!) need to bring with them to college, such as wall decorations, bedding, pillows, organizational tools and shower supplies!
Please comment below with ideas! If you have a company, I would love the chance to review an awesome college-related product of yours. My contact info is on the right-hand sidebar!!


  1. i see some bloggers that do reviews and giveaways for wall decals. Hope that helps

    Delightful Ideas
    Bag Giveaway

    1. Awesome idea, Lala! I looked at wall decals from one company but will be moving forward with a review/giveaway for twin xl sheets first! Hope you'll be entering (: