Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oriental Trading Company Craft and Party Supplier Review!

Hi all and Happy Father's Day! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to receive a large box of craft good from Oriental Trading Company in the mail, and today I'm so happy to be able to share my thoughts on their wonderful company with you! Among the craft sets were some wonderful Mother's and Father's Day crafts that made days like today extra fun and special for our family!

The Mother's Day cards we were able to create for Mom!
Oriental Trading Company is the nation's largest direct merchant of value–priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, and a leading provider of school supplies and affordable home décor and giftware. OTC has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Internet Retailers and one of the Top 50 Catalog Companies. You may be familiar with many of their products from your child's classroom or your own; their products are showcased in schools all over the U.S.!
I recognized the company from having seen their things in teacher's classrooms growing up, but had no idea that Oriental Trading Company sold so many other great products! From a quick browse on their website, I saw that OTC sells frames and photo supplies, party supplies and gifts for every occasion, graduation garb, and tons of do-it-yourself crafts for hours of fun!
Dad's Father's Day bag - Me :)
Upon receiving the box of goodies, Angie and I were so excited to peek inside. The first thing we pulled out were blank cards, blank gift bags, and some awesome Mom and Dad themed foam stickers!! This was the beginning of our venture into the land of Mother's and Father's day crafts for that day, and we had a blast decorating cards and bags for Mom and Dad! The stickers are super cute and there was SUCH A VARIETY, it was awesome! I loved that not all the stickers said the words "Mom" or "Dad" on them, so they could be used for decorating birthday cards for friends or other types of crafts as well!
Our Father's Day Gift Bags!
Since receiving the box of crafts, I've used the blank cards and bags for other purposes as well, such as end-of-the-year thank you notes for teachers! I loved added a couple foam flower stickers to the outside of the envelope for a special treat!

These are the multi-purpose notecards we received!

After decorating our cards and gift bags, it was on to the crafts for Angie and I! We were lucky enough to receive two Mother's Day and two Father's Day crafts, and had so much fun creating them! The final products of our Oriental Trading Company crafts looked really well done, yet they had been so easy to create, and that is what I love about this company! The directions were very easy to follow, and every craft bag included extra pieces which was a great add-on in case we made a mistake or lost a piece. It was good to have a glue-gun on hand, which wasn't required for some of the crafts but was something Angie and I found to be helpful. Here are some pictures of the super cool crafts we made!!

We created these cool magnet shirt frames for Dad!
Mom loved her recipe card holders!

I love the availability of personalization with the crafts from Oriental Trading Company. Even though Angie and I were making crafts from the same kit, both of our creations came out looking uniquely our own, and were both special for our mom and dad! The Mother's Day cards allowed us to include our pictures and handprints, and the Father's Day crafts let us add a picture as well! This was a really nice touch, and definitely made the gifts more special for our parents. Way to Go Oriental Trading Company!!

OTC creates some great personalized crafts, such as this Mother's Day card!

All of the crafts came in sets of 12, which would have been great for teachers or moms who are buying crafts sets for a birthday party activity (which is something I HIGHLY recommend!) However, since Angie and I only made one each of every style of craft, we were able to donate the rest to an after school program at Angie's school. The teachers sent us a lovely thank you note letting us know the children had LOVED the crafts from Oriental Trading Company, and were so excited to give them to their parents!

The last thing we received from Oriental Trading Company was a pad of craft paper. This paper is so fun and includes many, many spring designs! We discovered that as well as being great craft paper, this paper makes fun and eco-friendly wrapping paper for gifts! How fun to have around!!

I would definitely recommend Oriental Trading Company as an AMAZING company with such a variety of crafts for children and party supplies for adults! I wish my mom had known about this company when I was younger, because they sell everything a family would want for a great themed birthday party. Teachers and Summer Camps can find a variety of crafts to keep children entertained that will not only keep them busy but give them something nice to take home as well! In addition, here are some great products I found on Oriental Trading Company that I personally would love to have for my dorm room this year:
Dorm DIY-ing is all the rage with college girls right now, and I know my friends and I would have a ton of fun making some great dorm accessories from the variety of jars and scrapbooking paper sold at Oriental Trading Company! Additionally, OTC has many great stationary products for college dorm rooms, such as these adorable Sandal Notepads!!
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Highly encouraged for teachers!!


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