Thursday, June 12, 2014

Follow Follow Follow Follow....Me! For Giveaway Updates and Entries!

Now that I'm back home in beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine, I'm excited to share all my summer adventures on my social media accounts! I've realized that while I was at college this year, I became much more active on Instagram and Pinterest, and I've never shared the links on my blog! 

An Instagram I took this year in my (college) home city of Boston! 
My Instagram ( is updated almost daily. I have a lot of great pics from London on there right now, and this summer I'm sure I'll be sharing countless pictures of the beautiful beaches in my town! 

I love taking pics of my little sister Angie - she's definitely a regular on my Instagram! 
I use my Twitter account to promote giveaways, and well as my own blog posts. As well as hosting giveaways, I do a great deal of giveaway entering myself, and this is the Twitter account I use to do that! I also have a personal Twitter, but for now I prefer not to share that link on this blog. My blog Twitter can be found at:

A screenshot of my Pinterest Home Decor board! 

I LOVE Pinterest. It's seriously one of my favorite lazy pastimes. I love looking at Home Decor, Quotes, and Wedding Inspiration! My best friend Grace and I also get really into Pinterest recipes, especially in the summer! Follow all my sassy pins on here:

What's your favorite social media? Do you use it to keep up with blogs and giveaways, or just for fun? 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

London Loggings

This past May I had the good fortune of being able to spend five straight weeks studying in London! While I was there I took two college courses, saw TEN theatre productions, visited Roman ruins, wandered the Tower of London, and so much more! Below is my list of the Top Five Self-Discoveries I made in London! As well as some pictures from my trip, for your enjoyment.

I totally do not need daily coffees and snacks! By not getting a coffee every morning before class, as many of my friends did, I was able to save a ton of money! Everything is really expensive in London, and the Great British Pound is worth more than the dollar so the exchange rate was NOT in our favor. By cutting back on sugary drinks, I was able to do more in the city! 

I really only need about five hours of sleep a night to have a  really productive day. While in London, I would often go to bed late after seeing a show or going to a pub, and wake up early to Skype my boyfriend. Because of this, I really wasn't getting a ton of sleep, but I was still able to do everything on my bucket list! I'm going to remember this when I go back to school this year, all those naps freshman year were such a waste of time!

I'm really confident in my own abilities to find my way around a new place. I did a good amount of exploring on my own in London. I actually did St. Paul's, the Tower of London, multiple walks down the Themes, and even a play by myself since these were things I really wanted to do! I'm very good at using tube maps and guide books to help me get where I want to go, and I have no problem asking strangers for directions!  

A larger time difference can actually be MORE convenient for a long distance relationship, who knew! While I was in London, I skyped my boyfriend pretty much every morning. Even though I was eight hours ahead of him, we discovered that this distance worked better for our skyping schedules than the normal three hour difference we have when I'm at home! It's so funny that I was ever worried about it!

There are so, so many amazing things I want to do and places I want to go in this world. One of the things that amazed me most about London was that even though I was there for five weeks, and even though I did awesome things everyday, there was still SO MUCH that I didn't get to see! Imagine if every place in the world is like that, (and it is!) I want to see it all!!! 

Where have you been around the world?? Where are you headed this summer (I'll be off to Reno a month from today!)? Comment below :)