Low-Entry Giveaways

What is a low-entry giveaway?
Answer: A low-entry giveaway is considered any giveaway hosted by a blog that has less than 200 entries.

How do I enter low-entry giveaways?
Answer: There are many ways to enter low-entry giveaways. The giveaway post that you are on should always have directions on how to enter. The low-entry giveaways on Not One Ordinary Moment can always be entered by commenting on the post.

Do I have to have special accounts to enter low-entry giveaways?
Answer: Nope! To enter the low-entry giveaways on this blog, all you need is an email of any kind that I can use to contact you if you win. However, if you want extra entries, having a google, twitter, facebook, or youtube account might help, according to the directions for the specific giveaway.

What is GFC?
Answer: GFC refers to Google Friends Connect. On this blog, it can be found on the right-hand sidebar. I'll sometimes make it a requirement for entry that you are a GFC follower of my blog. To do this, simply click the blue "Join This Site" bar. You will be redirected to a page that asks you for your google email, or gmail, account. Sign in and you become a follower! Anyone who has gmail can easily be a follower.

Where do I find low-entry giveaways?
Answer: Right here! Not One Ordinary Moment ALWAYS commits to having low-entry giveaways, so check back often for our newest ones! You can also find them on Tight Wad in Utah and on Prizey.

Why don't I win the low-entry giveaways I enter?
Answer: Stick with it and you will! Since 2008, I've won hundreds of giveaways worth thousands of dollars, and now I host giveaways of my own! If you enter often and are patient, you are sure to win something!

How can I boost my chances of winning low-entry giveaways?
Answer: Enter often, and do extra entries. It's up to you whether you enter a small amount of giveaways many times each, or a large amount of giveaways just a few times each. The giveaways with the lowest number of entries will give you the biggest chance of winning.

If I'm a blogger, how do I start hosting low-entry giveaways?
Answer: It's super easy! I had been a giveaway entrant for three years, and I decided to start my own review/giveaway blog in Summer 2011. The best way to get products for giveaways is to see what other bloggers have for giveaways, and to contact those companies and see if you can host a giveaway as well. Starting with smaller companies, such as local or ETSY companies, is a great way to get some review/giveaway experience before moving on to the big shots!

More questions about low-entry giveaways? Comment below with your email, I'd love to chat with you!